Red Bay In The Rear View

Thursday, August 2, 2018

Red Bay in the Rear ViewWe were not up quite so early today with no 7:00 am appointment. We had no real schedule except we were suppose to be out of our camp site by 1:00. No problem. We were up for our morning 3.5 miles in the cool 68 degrees. Also had a little breeze. Nice walk. When we came back to our site we met our new next door neighbors and talked with them for a while. They had never been to the Service Center so we answered a lot of questions for them. We also talked to them about NOMADS. Then we packed up and hit the road back to Tuscaloosa. We had an uneventful drive and are back in Mama Ruby’s driveway for a few days. Anne has some more estate business to handle. We are making progress. Another shorter walk tonight. It is noticeably warmer and more humid in Tuscaloosa. Of course we are further south. Didn’t go to Cookout for a shake tonight but doubt we will let another 24 hours go by without that visit.

Finished at Red Bay

Wednesday, August 1, 2018

Great start to August! Beautiful day. Cool temperatures, high of 82 today. Lower than usual August in Alabama but not the 26 F indicated by the Red Bay pharmacy outdoor sign when we did our afternoon walk. A little respite from the heat today. Nice!

We were in the paint bay at 7:00 this morning and BJ went right to work. In case you have missed some earlier posts, the window at our computer work station was defective and couldn’t be repaired so had to be replaced. That meant we had to go to paint for the window trim to be painted. While there BJ also did a little touch up on a couple of other spots. BJ finished up about 1:30 and we went to the office to check out.

Our one year full warranty was actually up June 7 when we were working in Hattiesburg. We called Tiffin and explained we were going to be working spring mission projects and asked if we could have the last of our warranty work done a little late. We emailed them our punch list and they okayed us coming in anytime in the next 12 months for the repairs. It’s pretty amazing. We have been here almost three weeks. They took care of all of our concerns and even more. If they thought something needed to be done they did it even if it wasn’t on our list, like replacing all our LED lights. Our final invoiceWe also got a new air conditioner, new cabinet, new cabinet door, new awning LEDs, new window, two additional shelves for our pantry and full hookup site. When we went to the office to pay our total bill was $0.00. Wow! Reaffirms our decision to purchase a Tiffin product. They just try to do what’s right. No trying to do as little as possible. Without exception every interaction with every employee was a pleasure. While we didn’t really plan to be here but about two weeks, the extra days we were here this week were good. We made a number of new friends and handed out more NOMADS brochures.

After returning Fred to our campsite, we headed to the local pizza restaurant Hometown Pizza over in Belmont, for a late lunch. We had pizza and a salad and it was very good. Again we enjoy being able to support local businesses rather than the big chains. Met one of our neighbors having lunch there too. A retired police officer had this police flag painted on his grill while he was here.Back at the campgound we met some more people that came in today who were retired police officers. They had the grill on their rig painted with the police flag. It looked really cool. Some of our police friends might be interested in this.

It was a good day and a great Red Bay visit. We are getting ready to head back to Tuscaloosa tomorrow.

Let There Be (more) Light

Tuesday, July 31, 2018

Today was a cloudy, cloudy day. Threatened rain a few times but not a drop did we see. It was cooler today with the high in the low 80s. Much nicer.

Unfortunately we went over to the paint department shortly after 7:00 and found that they had just received our paperwork and they didn’t think they would get us in today. They didn’t. They did come by the rig about 3:00 to see exactly what we needed done and told us to be at the paint bay at 7:00 am tomorrow. They think they will finish the paint tomorrow. Things always seem to take longer than we expect so we are hoping to be back in Tuscaloosa on Thursday. We shall see.

Since it was another waiting day, we did some laundry and then worked on the under-counter lighting for the galley area. We were able to run the wires while they had the cabinet out and they cut the holes for the lights when they built the cabinet so things went very nicely today. We are really pleased with the lighting. The dark work area is no more. We think we are really going to enjoy having this little addition to Fred.

Friends at Red BayThis evening we met some more people who might be interested in NOMADS and handed out two more brochures. Working to spread the word. We also had a gathering of several of us that have made friends in our long time in Red Bay. Most of us think we will be leaving over the next day or two so we had a little good bye, safe travels time and Dean brought some key lime pie for everyone. Good times here in Red Bay even though we all get tired of waiting. Now it’s time to get things packed back up for another early morning appointment.

No Longer Primitive!

Monday, July 30, 2018

Another rain-free but hot and humid day. Starting tomorrow it is suppose to be cooler with a high of only 82 and 50% chance of rain. The high the next 10 days is only 87.

We started at 7:00 again in the cabinet shop. We spent most of the day reading and watching them build our cabinet. Then after lunch they started the reinstall. First the cabinet, then the microwave, and finally the new cabinet door. Now, we are finished in the cabinet shop!! Yea! Zack our tech did a great job. We now have the cabinets reorganized, everything put a way and our floors clean again. Our home is back in order. Life is good. Oh, the wires you see in the photo are for some new under counter lighting we are installing.  Now we are waiting for the paint shop. Hopefully tomorrow.