Week One, Day Five

Friday, June 26, 2020

It was another early morning for Randy and Max but they then canceled their 4:30 alarms for tomorrow morning. YEA!! The Constructors work week actually ends after Thursday night dinner but at times Ray asks some people to work part of Friday to get things ready for the next week. Today was an extra work day for the guys and about 20 other team members. They worked until noon completing the large truss beam, beginning the decking for the balcony, framing the back wall of the sanctuary and then cleaning up the job site and putting tools away.

Debra and Anne took the truck to Lowe’s in Trussville to pick up a new storm door for Granny’s house which we installed this afternoon. After she returned from Trussville Anne had another NOMADS Board meeting online at noon today.  We then grilled some hotdogs and burgers and had a leisurely dinner and a relaxed visit. Another good day.

Week One, Day Four

Thursday, June 25, 2020

Today was a long hot day for Max and Randy. They again were up at 4:30 and on the job at 6:00 where they continued to work on framing all day.

Anne cooking spaghettiAnne and Debra didn’t have to be there until shortly before lunch to start preparing for tonight’s dinner – spaghetti was tonight’s entree. However, since they were both awake at 4:30 they decided to do laundry and other mundane items around Aunt Helen’s house. They got another closet cleaned up before leaving for the church.

In the sanctuary, most of our volunteers wrote a note of scripture and signed the studs, headers etc. since it was the last full workday this week and some were leaving for home tonight. The messages will all be covered after a few more days of work but God will know it is there. Who knows when a repair will be done or a wall will be opened for some other reason and they will find an encouraging word from scripture. It was another good day! Hope yours was too.

Week One, Day Three

Wednesday, June 24, 2020

Today was an early day for all of us. Up at 4:30, depart home 5:30 and begin work at 6:00. Debra and Anne had to be at church at 6:00 this morning because it was their day to prepare breakfast for everyone. The other days they have been able leave home 8:00 or 8:30. It’s the early wakeups and long days that make Constructors so much harder than NOMADS. But, most people work Constructors for only one week so we can work those hours for one week. Don’t think we could do it for five consecutive weeks like a few people do each year.

The project is really moving forward. Today the fire-break drywall installation and mudding was completed. Both bathrooms in the vestibule framing was completed and some of the headers installed. The major accomplishment of the day was the moving of the truss beams that will support the balcony in the rear of the sanctuary inside the building and carefully placing them upon the walls. It took careful orchestration of people and lifts to accomplish the task. The work on installing the fire blocks in the walls is continuing as well.

After Anne and Debra cooked and served breakfast and cleaned the kitchen, they returned home and painted the hall and master bath at our house. We are pleased with the results and it checked two more items off our to-do list. Slowly making progress.

It was another good day!

Week One, Day Two

Tuesday, June 23, 2020

Preparing lunchA work day for Constructors for Christ begins at 6:00 am. Breakfast is around 7:30, lunch around 12:30 and we stop work at 6:00 pm. All three meals are provided each day. They are prepared by team members who choose to work in the kitchen instead of on the construction site. Those members are divided into three teams and each team prepares one meal a day. Today Anne and Debra’s team prepared lunch.  Every meal is always delicious. Usually the team members prepare desserts but the members of the congregation at Pine Grove are providing those this year

Out on the constructions site today was much like yesterday. Some worked on installing fire blocks in the walls, some worked hanging and mudding drywall and some built corner posts and t-posts for the interior walls. Today we started building and erecting the interior walls.  Another productive day in God’s service.