Finished (maybe) at Bob’s

Thursday, January 30, 2020

Jim brought us our devotion today from Genesis 22 – the story of the testing of Abraham. He pointed out that when asked by his son where was the ram for the sacrifice, Abraham replied “The Lord will provide.” Jim reminded us that if God can provide during that extreme incident, then he can provide for the needs of his children today. And that sometime he provides for those needs through us.

Jim and Max went back to Bob’s house on Sugarloaf Key to finish a few punchlist items that the team did not get to yesterday. By shortly after lunch they had the oven wired and installed, the microwave installed and the remaining trim down in the kitchen. That finishes our work at that house – unless …??

The last item completed was making a toe kick for this undercounter space
The last item completed at Bob’s was making a toe kick for this undercounter space where eventually a small refrigerator will be installed.

After completing the work at Bob’s house, Max and Jim joined the rest of the team at Dennis’s house back on Big Pine Key. There, this morning Anne, Sue and Virgie sanded the bedroom and applied a final coat of mud for areas needing a little touchup. Dan and Dennis worked on installing the closet doors in the back bedroom. After lunch Max and Jim worked on installing the back bedroom door. Dennis will finally be able to close the door to his bedroom for the first time in two years. Dennis and Dan completed the closet doors. Sue began the cleanup in the first bedroom in preparation for priming and texturing next week. Anne and Virgie painted a door and trim. It was another busy and productive day. A good way to end our NOMADS work week.


Since Sara will be leaving this weekend, it was her choice of where we went for dinner tonight. She told Max to pick and so we went back to Marathon to Brutus Seafood Market. Everyone said their food was very good and most importantly, Sara told Max he made a good choice. We will be sorry to say goodbye to Sara but are anxious for her to get home to her orthopedist to repair her arm. Now, on to the weekend.

Close to Finish at Bob’s

Wednesday, January 29, 2020

We led the team in devotion this morning and afterwards we all headed back out to Bob’s. We are really pushing to get this house completed. Today we got a lot accomplished. Anne started the day sanding and painting the area of the drywall patch required due to a roof leak. That job is now complete. Max began the day completing the steps from the back bedroom to the back yard. Sue and Virgie completed installing the quarter round trim. Dan completed the installation of the sink plumbing and Jim installed outlets in the kitchen and then installed a light fixture in the bathroom. As the day progressed, the front door trim was painted, trim was caulked and the paint was touched up, a bedroom door was hung, closet doors adjusted, baseboard installed in the kitchen, door locks installed, and drawers and cabinet doors adjusted. It was an amazing day. This team really turns out the work. We are very close to being ready to check this house off the list. Jim (construction coordinator) will be getting us a few necessary supplies and hopefully tomorrow will be the final day.

Another Busy Day

Tuesday, January 28, 2020

It was another beautiful day in the Florida Keys. The water is smooth as a lake contrary to last week when winds were 25-30mph and there were small craft warnings. Yes, we are spoiled to this beautiful place.

Today was another Gumby day. Max and Anne went to Bob’s while Dan, Sue, and Jim went back to Dennis’s house, and Virgie and Sara went to Key West to have Sara’s broken arm rechecked. After lunch the team joined us at Bob’s. We are really pushing to get Bob’s house finished. We haven’t been given an absolute deadline but Jim Coffey has said ASAP. We are hoping to be complete by early next week. This morning Anne but another coat on the wall patch while Max finished installing the rest of the four inch tap cons to bring the front door up to hurricane standards. All new exterior doors have to be up to the new hurricane standards. They have to open out and the inspectors count the number of tap cons to be sure you have used enough. Then we worked on installing the new kitchen sink. When our reinforcements arrived after lunch, things really started to move. The closet shelves and rods were installed, part of the quarter round installed, part of the plumbing of the kitchen sink was completed, the concrete step was replaced at the kitchen door and new steps were begun out the back bed room door. Some of the electrical work was also begun. It was a busy afternoon. It’s amazing what gets done when we all work together. We love working with our NOMADS friends.

Back to Sugarloaf Key

Monday, January 27, 2020

Gumby struck again this morning after devotion.  While the rest of the team went back to work at Dennis’s house we were sent to Bob’s house on Sugarloaf Key.  The last time we were there was January 2nd when Max and Larry installed a new front door but had to leave it with temporary trim for lack of proper trim.  Bob’s house has moved up on the priority list.   The two main items on the punch list for today were to finish the door installation and fix the hole we left in the drywall after we found a roof leak. The drywall patch was fairly straight forward, but the door was a challenge because the new door was not the same as the door we removed and the masonry door opening was not exactly square or plumb. Anne patched the wall before lunch then spent the afternoon helping Max trim the door.  Wood had to be custom cut and installed around the door frame so we would have something to nail the trim to and most of the brick mold outside had to be modified to fit the door opening.  Very time consuming, but in the end it looks pretty good.