140 Boxes of Laminate Flooring

Monday, December 30, 2019

Everyone is probably tired of hearing it but today was another gorgeous day in the Keys. The high was the same as yesterday, 83 degrees, with beautiful blue skies. Love it and getting very spoiled!

We had devotion today. We talked in yesterday’s blog about how God nudged us outside at just the right time. We know he was trying to make us more aware of those moments when we were trying to decide what to use for devotion today. The agency gave us a little devotion book for Christmas and when we looked at the one for December 30, it just went along with what happened yesterday and with what so often occurs on NOMADS projects. God Winks!

Before heading back to our job sites today, we first needed to help Jim, our construction coordinator, with 5 pallets of vinyl laminate flooring. We knew it was to be delivered today but Jim was not expecting a 6 am call this morning advising him it was on the way from Marathon Key, 30 minutes away. Forty-three boxes, which NOMADS will install at some point, went in the church in the David Hill room. At lunch we got Dennis to meet us at the church to move eighty boxes (two pickup loads) to his house, and the remaining 17 boxes went to Jim’s office for use at various other sites. With everyone working together it really didn’t take very long to get it all to the proper locations but there may be some sore muscles tomorrow.

Max, Glenita and Steve went back to Sugarloaf Key and by lunch time had completed the last punch list item at Peggy and Danny’s house and touched up drywall and painting, sealed the vent pipes, and removed the drywall patch they installed last week at Bob’s. Now the area can dry out and be permanently repaired.  After lunch they worked at the church finishing the trim in the sound booth, caulking and resizing a return air intake in one of the rooms.

The rest of the team went back to Dennis’ and completed preparing the kitchen and living room walls for texture. The remainder of their day was more work on the drywall in the hall and back bedroom. We are tentatively planning to do the knockdown texture first thing in the morning. We are looking forward to completing that milestone. It was another blessed day – we were allowed to be in service to others and everyone remained safe. Hope you had a good day too.

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