Another NOMADS Friday

Thursday, August 29, 2019

It was even cooler this morning. It was 49 outside and 58 inside when we got up this morning. Time for the fireplace and the heat pump. It was cozy in a few minutes. We definitely had to wear jackets for our walk today.

Rick led our devotion today. He first shared some of his story on how he accepted Christ and when he made a public profession of faith and then he shared the parable of the sower. We talked about our various talents and ended with “Do everything for the glory of God.” Thanks Rick!

Again today Nancy, Gary, Rick and Sue headed back to Rhonda’s house. The crew there worked on installing base boards, painting cabinet doors, and several other things to make live easier for Deniese and Rhonda. At Lianna’s Stel, Jodi, Betty, Anne and Max worked to get that house close to completion. We cutout the counter top for the kitchen sink, and installed the sink. We will pick up parts to hook up the plumbing this weekend. We also completed the glass block window, got first coat on all the drywall and second coat on some. Next week we plan to finish up both these homes and get as much drywall up at Nate’s as possible. We also will be doing some work at the church. Lots left to do.

Tonight we had another great meal prepared by Roxy and some fun fellowship with the team and the pastor’s family. Hope everyone has a great weekend.

Team Picture Wisconsin DR week 12
This Week’s Team Picture

Still Making Progress

Wednesday, August 28, 2019

It was another really cool, almost cold at times, day. It was windy so that made it feel much cooler. The high was 73 with beautiful sunshine. The leaves are definitely changing now. It’s not that pretty all over color yet but still spotty reds and yellows. Seems really strange for August 28. We had to wear jackets for our morning walk.

Betty and Tom let devotion today and Betty shared a reading called “Windows For The Soul”. She read a story about a mission project where everything seemed to be going wrong. The team prayed about it but they didn’t have materials, or tools or people they needed to complete their tasks. On top of that it rained and their client’s house still didn’t have windows installed. “For your ways are not my ways.” “Trust”. While waiting on materials the team played with the children and developed relationships. In the end the work did get completed but it was the relationships that lived on after the mission project was over. It’s all about relationships, not the floors and windows. Thanks, Betty, for a message so appropriate for NOMADS and other mission volunteers.

After discussion about where were are on each project, we all returned to the same work site again today. The crew at Rhonda’s is getting really close to completion. Today they did an awesome job re-framing the upstairs windows, worked on texturing walls, painting, texturing a ceiling, and started on baseboards. Out at Lianna’s all the drywall is installed, the window has been trimmed out and the finishing for the drywall has begun. A lot of progress was made there today too. It was another wonderful day.

Walls And Doors

Tuesday, August 27, 2019

It was a beautiful morning with blue skies and a mild 58 degrees. Great walking weather which we did right after breakfast. We walk 20-25 minutes every morning and it seems to be a great way to start the day. Thirty minutes would be better but when we are leading a group we don’t seem to have that extra 10 minutes in the mornings.

Today Nancy and Gary led devotion today presenting a Charles Stanley meditation based on Mathew 25:21. If we are faithful in the small things, He will give us even greater. Everything we do is to be done for Him and to bring him Glory. Just remember that everything on our to do list can/should be done for God and to the very best of our ability. Everything we do as NOMADS in people’s homes should be done as if for God and to the best of our ability, because He is the reason we are here. Thanks, Nancy and Gary.

We all went back to our work sites of yesterday, Gary, Nancy, Rick and Sue to Rhonda’s house with Anne, Stel, Jodi and Betty back to Lianna’s. Max was busy purchasing materials and delivering to the jobs and helping out at both sites. After finishing the siding at Rhonda’s yesterday, the trim became the focal point today. All the doors are now trimmed out, all the base boards are ready for installation. The living room paneling walls were sanded and textured. Our tasks are approaching completion.

At Lianna’s in Friendship, WI, the larger exterior wall 5/8” drywall installation was completed. We just have to cut out the area over the block windows. The smaller wall needs one more piece of ½” drywall installed and then we will begin finishing. It was a busy and tiring day for everyone but it was a good day.

Immediately after work tonight we went to the New Lisbon community dinner and had brats and hot dogs. We saw some of the same people we see at church but most were new to us. Bingo was to be played with prizes for the winners but we were all so tired from work we all left after eating. Yep, we are getting old.

Start of Week Four

Monday, August 26, 2019

It was raining when we woke up this morning and it was a gray, damp day all day. We never really got much rain, but we never saw even a glimpse of the sun, so the temperature never warmed up. The high today was 68 degrees.

We walked this morning before team meeting in just a few sprinkles. We led devotion today and used 1 Corinthians 14:26 encouraging everyone to bring their gifts and talents to share with the rest of the team so that together we will accomplish and be what God desires. After devotion Max headed immediately out to Elroy to Nate’s house to meet the plumber. They began this morning and think they will complete the job tomorrow. The electrician was there over the weekend, so his house may be ready for NOMADS again sooner than expected. We will have to find out in the morning the agency’s priorities. Anne stayed with the team to get everyone one the way to job sites. Today Nancy and Gary, and Rick and Sue went to Rhonda’s. Max was also there in between being at Nate’s with the plumber. Gary and Rick completed the re-installation of the exterior siding today. Looks good! Then they started on trim. Nancy and Sue completed staining the trim, primed the exterior side door and the glass block window and the began helping Denise fill the grooves in the living room paneling in preparation for painting. We are really making progress on Rhonda’s house.

Anne, Stel, Jodi, Tom and Betty went to the new job site, Lianna’s house. It was a slow start, first unloading all the materials and then determining exactly what needed to be done and developing a plan. Today they built and partially rebuilt a basement wall and installed the insulation on two walls. They also did the layout for installing a sink in the kitchen cabinet. Things are going well at Lianna’s. It was a very productive day.

After getting back home, most of the team enjoyed last night’s leftovers for supper tonight. Thanks, Roxy, for feeding us so well. We have a great group for our last two weeks. Hopefully we can get some projects completed before we have to close down until next year.

Sunday Picnic

Sunday, August 25.2019

Another beautiful and cool Sunday. We again walked in the early morning coolness before getting ready for church. Church today was an outdoor service with a picnic following. As one of the church-goers said “Feed them and they will come”. Well, there was a larger crowd today for the service and picnic. The increase may have also been because they were paying tribute to their retiring organist. It was primarily a music based service and we closed with the organist’s favorite song, “Freely, Freely”. The hot dogs, brats, and sides with lots of desserts were really good. It was a fun time. In the afternoon we rode out to a new job site to take a look around. The home owner was not there but the person there told us how to get in tomorrow and where we are suppose to be working.

Later in the afternoon Nancy got us all together to play a new game which was a good time for us to all start getting to know one another. Then we had another wonderful meal by Roxy of homemade tomato soup and grilled cheese sandwiches. It’s just cool enough here in Wisconsin that we all really enjoyed this comfort food meal. It was then time for our weekly meeting and discussion of the project and then back to the rig for our hot tea. Looking forward to another productive work week. Hope you had a wonderful weekend.

Two Out And Four In

Saturday, August 24, 2019

It was 46 degrees this morning. A little too cool, requiring heat from Anne’s perspective. It warmed up quickly and we were in t-shirts before lunch.

Norm heading out to his next project
Norm heading out to his next project

Today Norm pulled out shortly before 8:00 and we had two couples, Betty and Tom from Arkansas and Sue and Richard, fulltimers from Florida, coming in so we stayed at the church except for going to the post office to pick up our mail. Cinnamon RollsWe cooked some of the cinnamon rolls we bought yesterday in the Dells for breakfast, and they tasted just as good as the ones Roxy prepared for us last Sunday. Yep, it’s at least a 5 pound project.

After doing a little work around FRED, we worked on patching/finishing some drywall at the church while we were waiting on our arrivals. Sue and Richard arrived early afternoon and Betty and Tom got in about 6:30 this evening. We took both couples on little tours of the campground and church and then left them to settle in for the next two weeks. Our team that is now here will be here for the next two weeks. We are looking forward to working with them, and by being the hands and feet of Jesus, bring hope to this community. Don’t forget to pray for services tomorrow.

Cheese and Dells

Friday, August 23, 2019

Harry pulling outIt was another cool morning when we went for our walk and then said our goodbyes to Harry. He is headed back across country to Idaho and maybe to Washington. It was great to get to know one of our newest NOMADS and it was also great to hear he has already signed up for several projects.

We had tourist-like plans for today. We first met Nancy and Gary at the Carr Valley Cheese shop and factory in Mauston. There was a very nice lady working in the store today who was willing to let us sample many cheeses, different honeys, cheese spreads, butters and more. She also graciously answered all our many questions. We were surprised at all the different butters – cow, goat, sheep, and various blends. We actually like the blend of the three the best. The cow butter, what we usually purchase, was easily better than the butter we buy at the grocery store. We sort of made a list of the items we want to go back and purchase before we leave Wisconsin. There are so many good choices but we have narrowed it down.

Boat Tour SignFrom Mauston, we drove about 20 minutes to Wisconsin Dells, and met Stel and Jodi at the parking lot for the boat tour. We took the two hour tour of the upper Dells on the Wisconsin river. The scenery was lush green trees with sandstone cliffs, and interesting rock formations. The pilot and tour guide were very knowledgeable about the area and shared a lot of history of the area along with a bunch of corny jokes. We made two stops for short hikes to view more of the formations, the first was Witches Gulch and the second Stand Rock. At Stand Rock there was a dog that jumped between rock formations. Pretty impressive. This “act” is traditional in the Dells, but in the past people did the jumping. In fact this place is called the birthplace of stop-action photography. In the 1880’s H.H. Bennett invented a camera shutter fast enough to take a picture in a fraction of a second instead of the five minutes required by most cameras of the day. In 1886, to show off his camera he had his son jump back and forth to Stand Rock until he captured the perfect photograph. We were told that picture and Bennett are credited with starting the tourist industry in the Dells.

After the ride back down the river to the dock, we disembarked and headed out for lunch. We walked down the street and found High Rock restaurant where we shared a meat loaf sandwich that was served on a seeded wheat bread with honey glaze that was probably the best we have ever had.

We will be looking for that bread in the stores. Walking back to the cars, we just happened to walk by a Dairy Queen, so of course we had to stop. Of course, ice cream afterwardsFrom there we went to Holiday Wholesale to see if we could purchase some of the cinnamon rolls that Roxy baked for us last week. We were able to snag a bag of the frozen rolls and we just hope there are as good when we cook them. Wonder what we will have for breakfast tomorrow?