New Year’s Eve on the Job

Tuesday, December 31, 2019

Glenita providing accompaniment for our morning singing
Glenita providing accompaniment for our morning singing

It’s New Year’s Eve and yet again another beautiful day. Not quite as warm – 80 degrees – as the past few days, but great day for working. Glenita and Steve lead us in our devotional time today and we had an added treat of Glenita playing her ukulele for our songs. She then talked to us about hands and the hands depicted in the stained glass windows of the sanctuary. We thought about Mary holding the hands of Baby Jesus and Joseph holding his hands as he learned to walk. Then there were the nails in the hands of Jesus and Thomas not believing until he touched the nail scared hands. There is that sacred moment when we hold someone’s hand as they die. God holds us in his hands, and as we go about living our lives, we are to be the hands of Jesus as we serve one another. That’s what NOMADS do. Steve closed the devotion time with Isaiah 6, “Here I am, send me”. Thanks, Steve and Glenita.

Some of the stained glass windows in the church

We decided to keep the team together today and we all headed out to Dennis’s house. Today was the day for texturing the walls. Dennis decided he wanted a light texture with knockdown. After covering the doors, windows, air conditioner, light switches, plugs, etc, we mixed the drywall compound to a thin consistency and were ready to go. It took all of us to keep everything going. Someone with the hopper spraying, two holding the shield to protect the ceiling, someone moving our lights around so we could see what we were doing and also keeping people from tripping over the air hose, two people for the knock down, and someone to just keep us all coordinated. Everything worked great and Dennis was very pleased with the results. We have been making progress on the house each day but today was one of those days when you could really see the results. It was a good day for the team. This afternoon we were back working on the drywall finishing in the bedroom and hall.

It’s New Year’s Eve so the team elected to gather in the fellowship hall tonight for appetizers and game time. Tonight was Mexican train. It’s always interesting when you get people from all over the country together for games. Rules are not necessarily the same in Nebraska, or Minnesota and Florida. We had a fun evening and now, we will celebrate the arrival of new year in some other time zone because we will be sound asleep for welcoming the new year in Florida. Happy New Year’s everyone. Hope you have a great new year.

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