Illinois to Alabama

Sunday, September 20, 2020

Yesterday morning we were up early getting ready to be “on the road again.” We always like to leave with empty tanks, except for water, clean inside and organized in the basement. The past two days were so busy that we planned a much later than normal departure so we had time to get ready. We left MMDC about 11:30 in route for Paducah, KY. We had checked last week for a Harvest Host along our route but didn’t find what we were looking for. However there was a Methodist church in Paducah less than a mile from the interstate. We emailed the pastor and told him we were NOMADS heading back to Alabama and he gladly agreed to let us overnight in the church parking lot. The pastor already new about NOMADS from us working at the church camp in his area. We pulled in, parked, walked for a while, went next door for barbeque take-out, and had a peaceful, quiet night. We were on the road again at 7:20 this morning. It was fortunately a very uneventful drive home. We will get a little rest and then try to catch up at home. Lots to do beginning with meeting the surveyor first thing in the morning. Hope everyone has a great week.

Last Day in Illinois

Friday, September 18, 2020

Yesterday there was more sanding and mudding. Max, Gary and Ray made a lot of progress. They worked very hard to leave the drywall as close to ready to paint as they could. Anne had an executive committee meeting for the NOMADS in preparation for today’s full Board meetings. Last night we drove over to Taylorville, about 30 minutes away, to get some ice cream for supper. It was very good. It was an interesting drive, on roads we had not previously seen. Today the guys were back to work on the drywall, sanding and marking any areas they feel needs a touch up with the mud. We will leave it for someone else to do the touch up, probably another day or two of work and then it will be ready for paint, probably late next week. Anne’s board meeting was all day. She reports they got a lot done.

We really enjoy working with the people here at MMDC. They are such a joy and inspiration. They do great work! Today they treated us to a great Mexican lunch with some great ice cream sundaes for dessert and then showered us with gifts of their 20th anniversary, T-shirts and a metal model of their 18 wheeler transport truck. Thanks so much MMDC for allowing us to be a part of your wonderful ministry of providing help and support to those in need. Tonight the low is predicted to be 43 degrees. We will have to turn the fireplace on tonight and head south tomorrow. Please remember us in your prayers for safe travel. Have a wonderful weekend.

Ice Cream and Pie

Tuesday, September 15, 2020

We have finished the taping and first cost of mud on all the walls and have moved on to sanding and the second coat. Sanding drywall makes a lot of dust and it gets on and in everything on the job site. Even if our NOMADS policy did not require us to wear masks when working inside and near others, we would be wearing them now for our own health.

Funny fact about this blog: We have a blog post from May 7, 2018 entitled “Drywall dust in the ears, drywall dust in the nose, drywall dust in the hair, drywall dust everywhere!” Our blog statistics page shows that one entry gets more views than any other. And from more countries.

At break today Gary volunteered to make homemade ice cream for us after work. We offered to bring some frozen peaches to go on the ice cream, but they somehow became a peach cobbler. Thanks, Gary, for the ice cream and the fellowship.

Rain Then Sunshine

Sunday September 13, 2020

Yesterday was a rainy, sleepy day. This area of Illinois needed some rain so it was a good thing. We relaxed, rested and did the usual weekend stuff in the rig. Laundry, changing the sheets, grocery store and cooking. Today was a beautiful day – in several ways. Beautiful sunshine! Wonderful worship service streamed to us from Lester Memorial. Missing our church. We enjoyed preparing some meals for this coming week. Anne worked on some NOMADS business getting ready for the annual board meeting. This afternoon we were able to join by zoom the ordination service for our dear friend (we claim her as almost our daughter), Melody. Wish we could have been there in person but…it was in Canada so not possible. Congratulations, sweet Melody! It was so good to see you today! May God continue to bless and keep you in his care!

BTW, if you thought we would be home by now – we had planned to be. But Gumby won out again. Since things were not quite ready for us to install the drywall when we got here, we haven’t completed the work we came here to do. All four of the NOMADS decided to stay a few more days. Anne will have zoom meetings Thursday and Friday so we have to be somewhere with good internet those days. It will be another fun week ending with us back in Alabama for a few weeks unless of course, Gumby returns. Everyone stay safe and healthy!