A Gumby Kind Of Day

Monday April 22, 2019

Break timeAnother beautiful day in Baton Rouge. Blue skies. Sunshine. Nice breeze when we were sitting outside for breaks and lunch. NICE!!

Of course we started the day with devotion, today led by Suzanne. She asked the question, do you live in the secular world or the spiritual world? And how can we bring those two worlds together? Suzanne shared that prayer brings those to worlds together. If we do everything with prayer we bring the two together. If we do everything we do – taking out the trash, caulking windows, painting, installing cabinets, looking for Jesus, our world will become the world Jesus has planned for us. Thanks, Suzanne.

We then all, all 13 of us, headed out to Norwich Dr with the plan to get a lot of painting done today. All our supplies were moved over the weekend because the tile man came in to install all the ceramic tile. We were still locating all our stuff and had begun pouring up paint when Darryl arrived. Semper Gumby!! Sharon, Gary, Jayne and Joe headed out to Baker, LA to work on another house. Regroup and redistribute tasks. Painting began. Max was caulking windows. The HVAC guys arrived. We discussed their plans for the day and it seemed we would be able to stay out of each other’s way. Back to work. Tile man arrived. He wanted us to go ahead and start installing cabinets. He had somewhere else he needed to work today and planned to return after 4:00 to grout the tile he installed over the weekend. More Semper Gumby. Now we had Max, Dave, Bob with some assistance by Marvin installing cabinets. Suzanne, Ruth Ann, Virginia, Jan were painting. Anne was going between everything and trying to be sure everyone had everything they needed. Darryl arrived. Super Semper Gumby! We loaded the trailer with all the construction debris and Max then went with him over to Ms Pam’s to assist in loading up all the debris from there. It was a crazy day but somehow productive. All three bedrooms now have the walls painted. The hall is partially painted. Cabinets are partially installed. Hopefully cabinets will be completed tomorrow. We also hope most of the paining will be done. We shall see. The four that went out to Baker also painted and prepared for cabinets. Not sure what else is to be done there.

Today was the first time either of us has been to Ms Pam’s house since it was finished. It looks great! Below are a few pictures for those who worked on it earlier this year. Look back to our blog posts starting February 25th to see what it looked like before we started.

It was a good day. Tomorrow should be another interesting and good day.


Sunday, April 21, 2019

Saturday was another beautiful but cool day. It was one of the days requiring heat in the morning and a/c in the afternoon. We relaxed in the morning and then Max and Gary went out to Norwich Dr for Gary to see the job site so he could made decisions about work for next week. Anne and Sharon went to the Mall of Louisiana shopping. Sharon has two grandchildren graduating in a few weeks and wanted some new things for the celebrations. The mall is a large, nice mall and they had a good time. Movie night in the parking lotTwo new couples arrived Saturday afternoon with our third couple not arriving until Sunday afternoon. Saturday evening we had a movie night, watching Hidden Figures on our outside TV. It’s a movie about three black women who worked at NASA during the infancy of the space program. The team members brought their chairs over, and we made popcorn for everyone. The temperature was down into the fifties before the movie was over so we were wrapped up in blankets by the end. It was fun time and a good movie.

Easter Morning Sunrise
Easter Morning Sunrise

Today of course was Easter. Most important day of the year! Francis Asbury UMC had a sunrise service at a member’s home out beside a lake. We love sunrise services. They have not done sunrise service in the past but it seemed to be well received. The neighbors were also invited and some attended. The weather was beautiful and the service good. The member has a beautiful white rabbit that also paid us a visit. She said it was taking a break from delivering eggs to visit with us for a little while. Such a pretty rabbit.


After service we all went to Piccadilly for an all you can eat breakfast. We didn’t eat much the rest of the day. Of course there was regular service at 10:30 and then we all took naps. Our last couple arrived late this afternoon and we had team meeting at 6:30. Jayne brought a praline and cream ice cream cake to share. Ok, we did eat a little more. It’s been a nice weekend. Hope yours was great too.

Full house again
Full house again

Good Friday 2019

Friday, April 19, 2019

This morning was a much prettier and cooler morning than yesterday. It’s been a beautiful day for the most part but we have had intermittent rain showers usually lasting less than ten minutes.

It was a day of “see ya’ later’s” as Mark and Jo and Cheri and Butch pulled out this morning. Cheri and Butch are headed to North Carolina for their next three week project. Mark and Jo are headed back to Iowa after a couple of stops along the way. We didn’t get to work with Mark and Jo very much this time but we did make a point of visiting at dinner a few evenings. We will get to see them again in Wisconsin this summer. We should see Cheri and Butch again at annual meeting. Hope they have a great summer.

After seeing everyone off, Anne did some policy work for NOMADS and helped Max with some work on our new theater seating. We decided we wanted some rollers under the front for additional floor protection. There was also laundry to do and of course some exercise. Otherwise it was a pretty quiet and restful day.

A Stormy Day

Thursday, April 18, 2019

Our afternoon
Our afternoon

Thanks for the prayers for safety during the storms. The weather has cleared in Baton Rouge and we will be having some cooler temperatures tomorrow. Due to the concerns about the weather Gary had the team head to our job sites after devotion but return before lunch. We arrived back to the RV just as the rain was beginning to fall. We now understand the concern here in Baton Rouge. The winds were never severe here at Francis Asbury UMC. We had some lightening. No hail. But we did have heavy rain for maybe a couple of hours. The parking lot and yard here at the church looked fine but within a block of the church when we headed out for dinner tonight, there was water everywhere. Yards were filled with water and awfully close to being in the homes. We were quite surprised. We had heard an announcement this morning that people could go to a certain location and fill sandbags for free. We were also surprised that when we returned from dinner the water was down considerably. It seems drainage system just can’t handle very much rain. Everything is low, flat, and was already wet. Guess the soil just can’t take any more water. Anyway, glad is seems to be improving but we are going to get more rain during the night. Sorry, I guess we were so surprised at the water, we didn’t think to get any pictures as we were driving tonight. It also appears that the worst of the weather is now past Blount County. We have heard of trees down but are hoping there was nothing worse.

More drywall finishing in our future
More drywall finishing in our future

When we arrived back out at Norwich this morning, we discovered that a section of the master bedroom wall had been removed. We had found out it was going to happen yesterday afternoon. We were not really that surprised but, it sure did hurt to see. As we suspected they were not able to get the shower installed without taking out part of the wall. Thought the people that worked so hard hanging and finishing the sheet rock should see this. Mark, sorry you weren’t here to do the demo, as we know how much you would have enjoyed. We did get the final coat of paint on the kitchen walls this morning so we will be able to begin cabinet installation Monday. Pam’s house is basically finished but we may be going back to install a wheelchair ramp. We had hoped to do two Bible presentations this afternoon but the weather was just too bad at the time they were scheduled so we will have to do that sometime next week when the weather is better. Today was NOMADS Friday, so we are planing on some relaxing and maybe some time to play tourist this weekend.

Still Painting in Baton Rouge

Wednesday, April 17, 2019

Today was another beautiful day in Baton Rouge. It’s nice to be able to sit outside for breaks and lunch. Joe and Jayne brought our devotion today based on Col 1:3-4. They ended with a funny reading titled “Methodists” by Garrison Keillor. We’ve always enjoyed Garrison Keillor and this is no exception. After devotion, we all returned to our same work assignments as yesterday.

At Norwich we got the first coat of paint on the kitchen walls. We hoped to get it completed before the cabinets arrived and we did. Tomorrow we will have to dance around the cabinets to complete the second coat. We are working on priming the walls in the remainder of the house. The people who textured the house got over-spray on the fire place but with the work of Cheri and Butch it now looks much better. Max is working to get all the windows caulked.

At Pam’s house there are just a few things left to complete. We may get to do the Bible presentation there tomorrow. A lot of good work was done again today.

We are all watching the weather closely. Again. Tomorrow we are in an enhanced risk area for possible severe storms. The people of Baton Rouge are taking it seriously. School is canceled and all the state offices will be closed. Right now we are planning to work in the morning but probably come back to the church by lunch. Part of west Alabama is also in the enhanced risk zone. Praying for everyone’s safety and we would appreciate your prayers.

Painting in Baton Rouge

Tuesday, April 16, 2019

We left here a month ago and when we returned we found the team working on the same two houses we were working on when we left.  Actually, they have worked on other house while we were gone, but this week it is Ms. Pam’s house in Denham Springs and the Norwich Drive house. This week our team consists of Gary and Sharon (our leaders), Butch and Cheri, Jayne and Joe, Mark and Jo, Suzanne and us two.

On Monday Suzanne led our devotional with a reading from Bruce Taylor’s book, That Still, Small Voice. Bruce and Susan are new NOMADS and worked their first ever project here last week. At the end of the week he gave each NOMADS household on the team a copy of that book. Suzanne read the chapter on remembrances about fishing. The point of the reading was that this would be a much better world if we concentrated more on our similarities and less on our differences. Afterwards, Gary sent Mark and Jo, Joe and Jayne and Suzanne to Ms. Pam’s house to work on plumbing, painting and other items. Butch, Cheri and Sharon went to a Julie’s house to install a cabinet and a table. We went back to the Norwich drive house to put primer on the ceiling. We primed about half of the ceiling by the end of the day.  The rest of the team also made good progress where they were working.

Today Cheri brought the devotion reminding us that ministry is being where God needs us – where we need to be. Then Butch, Cheri and Suzanne joined us at Norwich drive. With the extra help we were able to finish priming and painting the ceilings and start the walls.

(Only a couple of pictures today because you have probably seen all the pictures of people painting that you would ever care to see.)

The rest of the team went to Ms. Pam’s and finished most of the plumbing and cabinets as well as more painting.

Tonight, Pastor David and his wife treated the team to dinner at Picadilly’s. We all had a great time visiting with them and the team away from work.

Palm Sunday 2019

Sunday, April 14, 2019

Today was a cool breezy day. Yesterday our high was 85 and today it was 70, with a strong wind this morning. As the day went on we had more sun and less wind. Max watched the weather in Alabama until late last night and then woke up and checked on things several times during the night until he was fairly sure all was okay at home.

Today was the annual joint service with the Hispanic church, about a block from Francis Asbury UMC, Preserve Life church across the street and Francis Asbury. Today the pastor from the Hispanic church brought the message. Several musicians from his church also led us in some praise songs with some of us singing in English and some in Spanish. The pastor was then brave enough to bring the message in English and had one of his church members translated the message to Spanish for his church members. It was the first time for the pastor and the translator and they were great! It was a wonderful time of worship with an excellent meal afterwards. Love seeing the churches working together.

This afternoon we had to get all our tools back into the truck to be ready for work tomorrow, then Mark and Jo invited us to go to Sweetie’s for ice cream. We went by there back in February when we were here and they were closed but Mark said they are back open for the season now. Of course we told Mark and Jo we would love to go to Sweetie’s. We had milkshakes today. So good!! In case you were not reading the blog last year, the owner of Sweeties gives 20% of his sales plus all tips and contributions towards digging water wells in third world countries. He has signs posted indicating the number of wells he and his customers have supplied since he opened in 2012. In 2018 eight new wells were dug in Africa through funds from Sweeties. We got back to the church in time for our 6:00 team meeting where we are visited with our team members and talked about what still needs to be done at the various job sites. Not sure yet what we will be doing tomorrow, but we are sure it will be fun because we are joining a great group.