Picture Day

Sunday, December 29, 2019

The church has decided to include the NOMADS in their photo directory
Getting our pictures made for the directory

(Sorry, we thought this published yesterday but just discovered it did not.  Another is on the way shortly.)  Today was another gorgeous day in the Keys. It was a bit warmer with a high of 83 and just plain hot in the sun getting our exercise walking. The team attended church together this morning and the congregation is so welcoming they decided that the NOMADS need to be in their church pictorial directory. They took all our pictures after worship today. After our photography session we joined the congregation for their weekly brunch and enjoyed the conversations and food. They were all very appreciative of the work we did on their church this past week.  This afternoon we worked on NOMADS paperwork and got a nice walk. Seems God just nudged us outside for our walk at just the moment one of the folks came by looking for the AA meeting. We actually thought it was a little too early because the temperature was still 82 but God knew better. We had a good conversation with the young man. He shared his hurricane Irma story and we found that he is actually on the home repair list here at the church. He never gave us his name but just remember him in your prayers please. God knows his name. Hope everyone has had a good weekend and please stay safe over the rest of this holiday season.

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