Back at Our Home Church Again

Sunday, July 8, 2018

We were up early this morning, but not to go for a walk, and not as early as usual. Today we met our wonderful friends, Barry and Donna for breakfast before church. We had a good breakfast at Huddle House in Oneonta but the company was the best. So good to get to spend a little time with them. It will be nice when we finish up in Tuscaloosa and get to resume our afternoon walks and weekend bike rides with Barry and Donna.

LMUMC Early Service stream
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After breakfast we all went to Lester Memorial for a wonderful service. We have a new pastor, Harvey Beck. His first Sunday was last week, which we missed, but we sure enjoyed the service today. The sermon was from 2 Timothy and was titled “The Word of God is Alive”. Love that we have another pastor who preaches the Word. We also had a great Sunday school class today.

After church we went back for another visit with Jean and Helen who were both again doing well and then back to Tuscaloosa for a late lunch at Red Lobster. We had another afternoon thunderstorm and then a walk. It was a good day.

Back To The Country

Saturday, July 7, 2018

Geese at Forest LakeIt was 72 degrees when we got up this morning. We had a great walk with a nice breeze. By the end of the walk we were still pretty hot but so much better than when it is 79 like last week. Don’t know if it had anything to do with last night’s storm or not but the Canadian geese were all together on our side of the lake this morning. Of course, we also saw all our baby ducklings that we see every morning on the greenway.

After our 3 miles, shower and breakfast, we closed up Fred and headed back to Blount County. First stop was our local farmer’s produce stand for more corn, tomatoes and watermelon. Then we visited with Aunt Helen and Aunt Jean for a while. They were both outside in the courtyard enjoying the cooler morning as well. It was good to see them outside. Aunt Helen even told us today that she wished she could go home but she new it wouldn’t be safe for her to do that. She said that she was afraid she would be there by herself and fall again. Glad that at least for a few minutes this morning she was thinking clearly and understood. She is still bragging about how good the food is and how good everyone is to her. Wish things were different, but guess they are as good as they can be.

Picking a few blueberriesAfter our visit we came back to our sticks and bricks to check on things. No damage from the recent thunder storms and only one limb to be moved from the drive. There has been more rain in Blount County than Tuscaloosa and the grass really shows it. Max immediately started cutting the grass and Anne went to Helen’s to start picking the blueberries.

We didn't bring the good camera today. So, of course, a deer posed for us.
We didn’t bring the good camera today. So, of course, a deer posed for us.

One of our larger deer stood out the drive a ways and just stared at us. Love seeing our wildlife. Then there was the week’s worth of mail to handle, a large stack this time. We had three pieces of mail and all the rest was for the ladies. Hopefully we can get some of that reduced over the next few months. We are looking forward to being back a Lester Memorial in the morning and will be meeting Barry and Donna for breakfast before services. Hope you all have a wonderful Sunday and don’t forget to be praying for the services tomorrow.

Surprise Storm

Friday, July 6, 2018

View when we started our walk
View when we started our morning walk

It was two degrees cooler at 5:30 this morning. Humidity was still high but the 76 degrees along with a nice breeze did make our 3 miles seem nicer. It’s taking us about 46.5 minutes to do the 3 miles. Working to get that time down but we may have to wait for cooler temperatures.

Today was another accounting day. It’s nice that we are making progress and great when we get to mark items off the list. We have taken on a lot more since our Mom’s deaths and taking care of their estates. Sure will be glad when we are caught up again. We also had to show ten of Mama Ruby’s apartments to a prospective buyer today. We are hopeful. He asked for more accounting information and is still interested. Probably will not know anything until sometime late next week. Things seem to go much more slowly than we like. God’s will be done.

Screenshot_2018-07-06-17-14-17We did not go back to the gym this afternoon, nor walk. We had a storm! It was a huge thunderstorm with lightning and thunder like we haven’t had in a long time. There were road closures due to flooding and we are still under a flash flood warning. Interestingly there was really not that much wind associated with this storm. We always pull the slides in with storms so as to not risk damaging the slide topper in the wind. We didn’t bother today because there was little wind predicted. Really the storm was much worse than expected and formed right on top of us or we probably would have turtled up anyway. Unfortunately, we had a small leak on the driver side bedroom slide. Wind was probably blowing the rain in past the slide gasket. We were able to get the water up with a towel and dry everything with a fan but, another thing for our Red Bay list. After the storm we decided to get a Chick-Fil-A peach shake. That was supper. It was a good day.


Thursday, July 5, 2018

For new readers or folks just passing through, and wondering what the “purpose” of our RVing is, just refer back to what we were doing a year ago. We know that right now our short term purpose is taking care of family business. But, hopefully we can be back on the road with NOMADS soon.

It was another sunny hot day today. We are now getting up at about 5:30 and doing our morning 3 mile walk. It seems now it is either just too hot for an afternoon walk or if we are lucky it’s raining. Today it was too hot so we went back to the gym. Max worked out on the elliptical and Anne rode the stationary bike. We felt we got a good workout and had sort of planned to swim afterward but there was a class in therapeutic pool so the lap pool was crowded. Maybe another day. Just as we got back to Fred it rained for a few minutes. It was 91 degrees and within ten minutes it was down to 82.

Otherwise, we did a little online shopping today for water filters for the refrigerator and a few new toys. We also spent some time working on our schedule and making some plans for next year. We are certainly hopeful that we will NOT be in Tuscaloosa dealing with real estate next summer. We are dreaming of a cooler climate so looking at the map and making plans was fun. Some neighbors came to look at some of mom’s furniture again. That was about it. Hope you are all staying cool.