Back in the Field

Back in LaurelSaturday, March 26, 2022

Just letting you know that after about three weeks in Alabama working on estate stuff we are back in the field getting ready to start back to work with other NOMADS with Restore Jones County in Mississippi.  It feels good to be back here.

Week Three at FUMCH

Wednesday, March 9, 2022

Our last week at the Florida United Methodist Children’s Home was another busy one for our NOMADS team.  The two of us began the week working at one of the independent living cottages.  There had been a roof leak which had been repaired but the interior water damage also needed to be repaired.  We tackled that project and repaired the ceilings and walls in the two bathrooms involved.  After the drywall repairs dried we also painted.  While we were doing that, others were repairing fences, pressure washing sidewalks, painting in another cottage and running plumbing and wiring for the greenhouse.  Wednesday and Thursday, we went back to the outdoor chapel with Phil and Mary and ran the wiring in the ditch and installed the conduit for the outdoor worship center.

The high point of the week was Thursday morning.  We had our closing devotion and communion at the new outdoor chapel.  It was the first service and Diane, one of our team members who is a retired pastor, did a great job with the service.  Thanks, Diane!

Thursday at lunch the maintenance crew provided us some wonderful fried chicken and fixin’s as we closed out our time in Enterprise.  It was a great three weeks with another fun and hard working team!  May all the work that was done be a blessing to the children and young people that will pass through the Children’s Home.