Happy Halloween From Cedartown!

Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Bobbi and Cheryl dressed for Halloween
Bobbi and Cheryl dressed for Halloween

Happy Halloween! It was a beautiful Halloween. It was 42 this morning, no ice on the truck, and the sun was out brightly. There were no clouds and just a wonderful day. Wonderful night for the kids to go trick or treating. MHCC was having a Halloween Carnival for the residents tonight and they were getting to go to various locations on campus and trick or treat and get the requisite candy. The kids were really looking forward to tonight.  Bobbi and Cheryl were also excited about Halloween.  They said they were wearing their costume to work today.  They came as painters.

Cheryl brought us a very moving devotion this morning using John 1 and Romans 9:35-37.  She shared some of her life story and reminded us that many of the children at MHCC are chronically love starved and feel rejected, which is often the root cause to their bad behaviors and choices.

Today the “barn crew”, Joyce, Tom and Evelyn, went back to work on the stable windows. Today they completed the windows on the south side and started on the north side. They have four more windows to complete. They are doing an awesome job. Cheryl worked at Noble painting the bathroom. It is a small half bath and only one person can work in there at a time. It looked so good when she completed the paining. Bobbi and Anne returned to James to complete the painting there. That work was completed by lunch. Ken and Don returned to Noble to start on the vinyl plank flooring. Max went between the barn and Noble helping where needed. After lunch, Anne worked on the flooring with Don and Ken while Cheryl and Bobbi returned to James to do some cleaning. We still think we are about on schedule to complete the barn and Noble. It was another full work day.

Today we had lunch with the chief operating officer of MHCC, Diana Barber. We had never met her. She and the COO position is new, although through the years there have been COOs at various times. She told us that MHCC is licensed for 60 residents, 30 males, 30 females. They currently have 53 residents. Currently she is focusing on growing the transitional unit and getting an on campus GED program.  Interesting in light of our morning devotion, Ms Barber told us that most of the kids here have never had their own bedroom before arriving here.  Ms Barber was not familiar with NOMADS so had a lot of questions for us. We really appreciated her taking time to eat with us.

After work we rested a while and then decided to ride our bikes again and rode through downtown and out towards the west. The stores were having trick or treating for the community kids and there was a crowd downtown. Everyone seemed to be having a good time. We rode on out the Silver Comet and then back to the campground riding about 10 miles. Another good day in Cedartown.

Ice In The Morning, Air Conditioner In The Afternoon

Monday, October 30, 2017

Heavy frost this morning30 degrees this morning. Wind chill 27. Ouch, it was cold! We were the only ones who didn’t have a frozen water line this morning. Don’t know why ours didn’t freeze except maybe we didn’t have as much hose on the ground since we have a hose reel in the FRED 2. The truck was coated in ice, all the windows and mirrors. YUK! Yes, we are spoiled with our garage and we like being spoiled. Of course the better solution is to be where it is a little warmer. Anyway, after about 10:00, when it warmed up a little, it was a beautiful, pleasant fall day.

Don brought us our devotion this morning based on James 1:22-25. He gave us the example that if we looked in the mirror and saw we had mustard on our face we would quickly wash our face. Likewise, Don challenged us, we should take routine inventory of our spiritual life and make quick corrections when we find ourselves off track. Again there was a good amount of sharing and discussion. Thanks, Don for another great devotion.

It was so cold this morning we didn’t start on the barn until after first break. Instead we worked in the Admin building and James Hall. Ken and Don ended up working there all day in the Admin building and got the vanity, lavatory, and toilet installed today. The flooring was delivered so they will probably start on that sometime tomorrow. Joyce and Evelyn got the big desk put together. YEA! Finally finished. We began to think it was going to take longer than rebuilding the barn to put this desk together. Of course we were all working on it when we had a few minutes between jobs and never spending very long on it. We found one more blind for Tom to put up this morning and then he worked on unpacking a lot of office furniture that was donated and delivered Friday. Nice furniture. An early Christmas present for Murphy Harpst. Cheryl and Bobbi did some additional cleaning in the Admin building and then started some touch up painting in James Hall. By the way, the final count on girls dorm rooms painted was ten. We have a really good paint crew. Later in the day Tom, Joyce, Evelyn and Max returned to the barn to get started on the windows. All the stalls now have windows for the horses but they have to be trimmed out to cover the sharp edges of the metal siding. Today they determined how they wanted to do that and completed one and another almost done. The remainder should go faster now that they have their system in place. Hoping that can be completed Wednesday, but could take the remainder of the week. If it gets too tight we will pull some additional help so we can complete the barn. After helping the barn crew get started, Max bounced around helping where needed. Anne floated between all the projects today, making sure everyone had what they needed for their work and doing a little trim painting as well. It was another really busy and productive day. Hopefully we will have good weather the remainder of the week so we can finish up.

Some of the fruit we got today

This is some fruit we got off the food truck today: Moon Drop grapes and kiwi berries. We had never tried either before, but they are delicious. The kiwi berries are like little kiwi fruits, but sweeter.

Last Sunday in Cedartown

Sunday, October 29, 2017

First UMC CedartownWe woke to another cold morning, but there was no ice on the truck this time. We had a quiet morning with french toast and smoked sausage for breakfast then got ready for church. Today we attended Cedartown First United Methodist Church. The congregation was very friendly and several people thanked us for our work and invited us back for their Wednesday night dinner. The speaker today was the Church Stewardship Director for Murphy-Harpst. Using the ninth chapter of Second Samuel, he spoke on kindness and related that to the MHCC mission and also to Christ’s kindness to us.

After church we ate at a local Mexican restaurant then we all returned back to our rigs and stayed in out of the cold wind. After a little rest we finished up some bookwork and a few tasks and rested some more. Tomorrow we start our last work week with a lot to do. Please pray for our safety and ministry.

Rainy Day

Saturday, October 28, 2017

Rainy DayRain. And late afternoon, temperatures dropping. That’s about it for today. It started raining lightly around midnight and finally stopped about 4:00 this afternoon. It never got cold last night but is already down to 43 and headed for a low of 36 tonight.

We decided yesterday that we would just plan to stay in today. And that is what we did. We washed 4 loads of clothes and did a few other things around the rig, read, watched Christmas movies and watched it rain. It was a nice quiet day. Bobbi and Don again cooked for us, stuffed peppers and rice. We could get use to treatment like this. They had gotten the peppers and ground beef from the food truck and shared with us and Cheryl. Thanks so much Bobbi and Don.

Please be in prayer for Anne’s mom. She is again having trouble with swelling in her legs and cellulitis. She is back on two antibiotics which make her feel generally blah and a little blue. Hopefully with early treatment things will not get as bad as last time.

Looking forward to visiting at First UMC in Cedartown tomorrow. Don’t forget to be in prayer for all the services tomorrow. Hope you are having a good and restful weekend. We have sure enjoyed our rest.

Just Relaxing

Friday, October 27, 2017

It was not as cold last night. Of course we didn’t get up as early as we do on work days so it had warmed up considerably when we got up. Another wonderful fall day. We were in need of an off day and we didn’t do much. Max fixed us a late breakfast. He is a wonderful cook! We relaxed and then went in to town to do some errands. Back at the campground we had some leftovers, and relaxed some more. We had planned to go to Rockmart and ride the bikes toward Atlanta this afternoon but it was such a nice day to just hang out at the campground that we got lazy. We did ride the Silver Comet toward Alabama for a total of 12 miles later this afternoon. Mostly we just relaxed. Sorry, no pictures today.

End of Week Two at MHCC

Thursday, October 26, 2017

There was ice on the truck again this morning. Max cranked the truck and let it run to defrost the windshield before driving over to MHCC. The truck thermometer said the temperature was 34. But again we had a great day. Blue skies and sunshine. They say we will have a lot of rain Saturday and then a cold front with lows of 31, but we sure are enjoying this while it lasts.

Bobbi had devotion today and used “Our Daily Bread.” The scripture was Mark 6:7-12. It was another good time of sharing. The team seems to have opened up and more sharing is taking place this week.

Since today was NOMADS Friday, we all pushed a little extra to finish up some things and get all the areas clean and neat for the weekend. Anne, Evelyn, Cheryl and Bobbi completed the painting and cleanup in Oasis. They did not want the girls to have the disruption of another weekend with their rooms only partially painted. They worked hard and completed it all by shortly after lunch. We forgot to go back and count all the rooms but will do that next week. Anyway, they did a lot of painting this week. The barn crew got the corner pieces installed and all the stalls safe for the horses. They also determined how to best do the window trim and ordered the wood for that so they can start first thing Monday. They also trimmed some hedges/limbs that were hanging into the corral and repaired some fencing by the barn. They are becoming regular farm hands. Tom thought he was through with all the blinds yesterday but Anne and Evelyn found some additional rooms. So, Tom was back to work on more blinds when he finished at the barn, while Anne and Evelyn worked on the desk, again. There was some additional painting in Noble and the lavatory was installed in the bathroom. Joyce and Bobbi cleaned on of the ceiling fans in the break area, so there is only one left to clean. Again, lots was accomplished today. We are all pretty tired and looking forward to some down time this weekend. One more week to get everything completed. We think we will make it.

We still managed to ride a quick four miles over the hilly part of the trail after we got home. While we were riding we were trying to decide what to have for supper. That thought process was totally unnecessary because as soon as we got home Don brought us two pieces of panko chicken he had just cooked. They were delicious and greatly appreciated. We guess we’ll have to start calling him “Chef Don.”

Start Of The Second Half

Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Ice on the truckThis morning was another very cool, 36 degree, morning with ice on the truck. But again it warmed up, the sun was out and we had another beautiful fall day. The team is really enjoying this weather although we still aren’t seeing much color in the trees. Maybe we are expecting color too soon.

Ken and Joyce had our devotion today. The scripture was Ephesians 5:18-20 and the meditation was from “Disciplines” A daily devotion by Upper Room, 2015. The point was made that sometimes we become so concerned with making the world “more Christian” that we fail to notice that the church has become just like “the world”. The Lord’s will for us is neither to run away from nor to fight and conquer the world. Instead, our calling is to be God’s presence of goodness, righteousness and truth. There was again a lot of discussion and everyone wanted a copy of the meditation. Thanks, Ken and Joyce, for sharing with us this morning.

Finishing the siding on the backToday was the start of the second half of this project.  After devotion it was pretty much the same as yesterday. The barn crew went to the barn to continue work on siding. The paint crew returned to Oasis to work on the girls rooms. It was another busy day with so much accomplished. The barn crew completed the siding today! AWESOME!!

It looks really good. Now they have to work on the end trim and the windows. That will still take a while but they have done such a great job. The paint crew is down to two rooms left in Oasis. Those two have been cleaned, patched and primed as needed. We hope to complete those two rooms tomorrow. Tom finishing the blindsWe will get the final room count tomorrow. The rooms are looking really good. Anne primed the wall in Noble today and Cheryl painted the first coat of paint. It looks good and just needs one more coat.  Tom finished installing the blinds in James Hall. So proud of what this team has accomplished thus far. After tomorrow we have only 4 work days left and still lots to be done.

Downtown Cedartown
After work today we walked the SCT to downtown Cedartown. Yes, they already have their Christmas decorations up.