Breath Prayers

Wednesday, February 19, 2020

Looks like the folks at home are in for another bout of winter the next few days while we are having hot days with high humidity. We were very thankful for having air conditioning where we were working today. But we are all so thankful to be in the Keys. We are working with a great group of NOMADS!

Sue shared at our devotion time today and we were all blessed. She did some teaching and sharing on prayer and specifically about breath prayers. We are called to pray without ceasing and one of the ways we can do this is with breath prayers. For example, inhale and say, Speak Lord, exhale while saying Your servant is listening. Repeat for about 30 seconds and then remember to say your breath prayer throughout the day. You can use many scriptures as breath prayers. At the end she gave each of us a piece of paper with a breath prayer for us to keep with us and use today. Thanks, Sue, for sharing.

Our breath prayers
Our breath prayers

Today’s work was a little different. Early Max, Dan and Mark went back to Dennis’s and worked on taping and mudding the drywall, and plumbing. Anne, Virgie, Lisa and Sue worked on completing the painting of the David Hill room at the church, completing the trim painting and getting a second coat of paint on doors. By lunch the ladies had completed the painting and cleaned the work area. It look so much better and brighter. A fresh coat of paint really helps things. Right after lunch Dan got a call from Jim and he needed Max and Mark to return to the church and install a new water heater in the kitchen. So, change of assignments and Anne and Dan and Sue worked on completing the first coat of mud on the ceiling and walls of the bathroom. Virgie and Lisa worked on doing some deep cleaning and moving supplies and tools that are no longer needed at Dennis’s back to the trailer. We are also trying to move left over materials back to the church. Dennis’s house is getting closer and closer to completion. It was another very good day.

Today – Painting, Drywall and Plumbing

Tuesday, February 18, 2020

We are still in the Keys!! Still beautiful blue skies and crystal clear blue water. And we are still blessed to be able to work here. We led the team in devotion today talked about what God allows, he redeems. There is always good in things that appear bad at the time, if we let God redeem them and us. We then all went back to work – but not the same as yesterday.

Today Sue, Lisa, Virgie and Anne stayed at the church and painted the David Hill room – the area adjacent to the sanctuary. There was some repairs to the drywall as well. Max, Mark and Dan headed back to Dennis’s house to continue work on plumbing and drywall. The ladies got more painting done that was expected today and should finish up tomorrow. The guys made good progress too. It was another wonderful day.

More Drywall and Plumbing

Monday, February 17, 2020

Today was another beautiful day in the Keys. Dan brought our devotion today from the Upper Room using Matthew 5:13-16. he reminded us that we are God’s light in the world and even our faintest glow can be a beacon to others. Spending time with God and studying his Word makes us glow more brightly.

It was then time to get back to work. Mark and Max went back to the house they worked on Thursday. They installed an on demand water heater this morning. It was installed before lunch. Cute little thing.

The rest of the work was again in the bathroom. The installation of the ceiling drywall is complete. Only a little more installation work on the wall drywall is needed. Then it will be time for finishing. The concrete board surrounding the tub/shower is installed. There still a lot to do in the bathroom but it is looking much better already. Dennis is now thinking about what he will do when we aren’t in his house everyday working. It was another good day.

Quiet Weekend

Sunday, February 16, 2019

We had a rather quiet weekend. Max had sinus infection last week that required a trip to the doctor for some antibiotic eye drops and Anne became ill with a cold Friday. We are both doing better but still coughing. Friday we did laundry, book work and in the afternoon road our bikes for about 8 miles around the island. Dan and Virgie, since this was their last weekend in the Keys, headed back to Key West. Mark went deep sea fishing with Jim and a member of the church and then he and Lisa and Sue went to a restaurant/marina down on Geiger Key Friday night. They said it was very good and we are probably going back there this Thursday. Saturday we again tried to get extra rest and did a short bike ride to Blue Hole.

Mark's delicious smoked brisket
Mark’s delicious smoked brisket

Today was of course church and brunch but then tonight we had a pot luck. Mark smoked us a brisket as well as some pulled pork. Very Good!! The rest of us brought sides and Pastor Will and Connie along with Jim and his wife and daughter joined us for a nice meal and time of fellowship. We are hoping to feel better and have good weather next weekend.

Another Day In The Bathroom

Thursday, February 13, 2020

Max went to morning meeting today with Gumby in his pocket. Dan had given him a heads up last night that things were going to be different today. And they were. This morning Max and Mark headed to Home Depot for supplies for Dennis’s house and after returning with those went to a house a couple blocks away to assess the situation surrounding a water heater. While they were doing that the ladies began hanging drywall on the ceiling of the bathroom at Dennis’s. There are many ins and outs and not an easy task, with many cuts. There was wonder board to be installed on the walls around the tub. It got crowded in that little bathroom at times today. Big sheets of drywall and four to seven people. We were dancing around in there at times. But again today as every day, it was a good day. God continues to bless and keep us safe. Progress continues to be made for our homeowners. And now we have another weekend in the beautiful Lower Keys.

Dennis has been wanting us to try out the paddle boat he built ever since we started working on his house. Today a couple of us did. Fun.

Fried Key Lime Pie with Vanilla Ice Cream

The team went to King’s Seafood Market for our Thursday night dinner. The seafood was good again but the real hit was the Fried Key Lime Pie with Vanilla Ice Cream.

How Many NOMADS Fit in One Bathroom?

Wednesday, February 12, 2020

This morning’s devotion led by Sue was about thankfulness.  We went around the room and we all talked about three things for which we are thankful.  It was a good reminder of just how much we should be thanking God for each day.

This morning Mark and Lisa went back to the house on Lower Sugarloaf Key to remove the sink temporarily so the contractor could measure for the new counter top. Afterwards they reinstalled the sink and were back on Big Pine Key by lunch. The rest of the team worked at Dennis’s house mostly on remodeling the bathroom.  The sink at Dennis’s also had to be uninstalled for the contractor to measure for the countertops.  It wasn’t a surprise that immediately on the completion for the template, Dennis got the sink reinstalled.  He is enjoying having a kitchen with water for the first time in two years.  It was another good day.

Closets Complete

Tuesday, February 11, 2020

It was another beautiful day in the lower Keys. This morning we met in Virgie and Dan’s RV for morning devotion and meeting. We had the devotion today and talked about paying attention. If we are to be like Jesus, we must pay attention to others, their needs, their hearts, the things that are important to them. We must do this for the people we lead, work with and really importantly, our family.

After devotion, the rest of the team returned to Dennis’s while Max and Anne went back to the house on Atlantis Street to complete the closet. We spent the morning working on the closet and also putting a couple of toggle bolts in the closet we finished yesterday. It just wasn’t quite as stable as we wanted and the toggle bolts took care of that perfectly. After lunch we installed the last two supports in the walk-in, vacuumed up the drywall dust and dirt called our assignment complete. Next we went back to Marathon to pick up more supplies. We are becoming regulars at Home Depot and are getting pretty good at finding what we need.


The rest of the team got the sink temporarily installed and plumbing working in Dennis’s kitchen. With some plywood for counter tops, he feels like he is ready to start cooking. He is even putting a few items in his cabinets. The baseboards and caulking were also completed today and they began reworking the bathroom. The team will be spending less time at Dennis’s over the next week or so while we are waiting on counter top and windows to be installed. We are almost done. There are several other homes waiting for work.