We’re Still Here – (In Alabama For Now)

Wednesday, July 27, 2022

Wow, it’s been a month since we posted a blog entry.  That’s about as long as we have ever gone without a post.  But we haven’t been working on mission projects so not much has been interesting enough to blog about.

When we last posted we were both sick with COVID. YUK! We both had relatively light cases with none of the serious symptoms of shortness of breath or the like.  But, we certainly would not have wanted it to be any worse.  It took Anne about two weeks to be back to normal with Max a much  shorter time. After returning to health we had a visit with family in South Carolina. While making  one of our return trips to Alabama to work on estate stuff we were rear-ended while stopped at a traffic light outside of Atlanta.  We were driving the van and now we are waiting for parts to arrive for the repair.  Almost $10,000 damage but could have been so much worse.  Most importantly everyone is okay.  Unfortunately, no van meant we had to cancel our planned New England trip and NOMADS project in Maine.  Maybe next year.

We were able to go camping with Randy and Debra as they were learning more about their new-to-them travel trailer. They are ready to go out on their own but we will gladly go with them anytime!  Always great to spend time with them.  We had a good time at Modoc Campground which is a Corp of Engineers campground in South Carolina about 45 minutes from their house.  We enjoyed camping by the lake and watching all the critters.  We saw eagles most days as well as great blue herons and ospreys.  It was a relaxing few days, although too hot for much hiking except early morning.

We really were not planning to stay in the hot south this summer, but…we make plans and God laughs.  We stayed in South Carolina so we would be out of the way during the estate sale at Aunt Helen’s house.  The sale was over last weekend and now they will be cleaning out what was left.  Hopefully that won’t take too much longer and the house will sell quickly after that.  We still have other estate work to do as well.  Anne has also been busy with NOMADS work.  We are staying busy but hope to be back to some fun travel soon.  Hope everyone is staying healthy, safe and cool!

And to update you on this year’s Constructors for Christ project which finished up last week:

Click here to see a local TV news story about the project.