Easy Lead

Monday, February 24, 2020

Another beautiful Monday in the Keys. We are ready to go back to work today. This week we have Lisa and Mark and Sue working with us. We really don’t have to lead this group. We just have to do the paperwork. It should be another fun week.

More drywall finishing in the bathroomToday Lisa, Sue, and Anne headed back to Dennis’s house. The first task involved putting on the masks and sanding the drywall. We already have an extremely high pollen alert so you just add drywall dust to it and grab a kleenex. The sanding was complete by mid morning and the mudding began and lasted the rest of the day. The best news of the day was that Dennis was finally able to clear the blockage in the drain from the old bathroom lavatory so we can now install the new one.

Mark and Max worked on installing this double doorMax and Mark spent the day at the Atlantis house, first gathering up the necessary materials and then framing in and installing a double door. It looks good. We had thought we had finished that house but today found that they want another wall in the kitchen area and that will be tomorrows project. Another good day!

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