Sunday, February 23, 2020

Virgie and Dan leaving
Virgie and Dan leaving

It has been another windy weekend with cooler temperatures. Friday morning, after handing off all the paperwork for the project, Virgie and Dan said goodbye and headed back north off the islands. The last few weeks under their leadership lots has been accomplished and we have had a wonderful time working with this team. Their leaving put us back in leadership for the project for the next three weeks. Since we are staying for three more weeks, we decided that Friday was our day to exercise the rig, the jacks, etc and moved Fred one site down – back to our original site where we get much better satellite signal. Then it was the usual cleaning, laundry and paperwork for the rest of the day.

Saturday bike ride
Fun Saturday bike ride

The plan for Saturday was breakfast back at Geiger Key with Mark, Lisa and Sue with a kayak trip through the mangrove afterwards. However, since some of us were in long pants and long sleeves we decided it was a little too cold and way to windy to be out on the water. We all opted for breakfast across the street at Coco’s Kitchen instead. Then we rode bikes to Blue Hole with Lisa and Mark where we saw both of the gators this time. We rode on to the end of the rode so probably around 8 miles round trip. Good ride. Thanks Mark and Lisa.

Today of course was church and according to the sign out front NOMADS were speaking. Last week Pastor Will had asked us if we would speak to the congregation and of course we agreed. Lisa, Sue and Anne told the NOMADS story. Our ladies did a great job and the congregation was very interested and appreciative of our talks. Now we are getting ready to go back to work tomorrow. It has been another great weekend in the keys.

Busy, Busy Day!

Thursday, February 20, 2020

This morning Lisa talked to us about how God’s heart is for his children. He wants us to love our enemies because it’s His way of keeping our hearts from turning to stone. He wants only good for us. He loves us so much he offers us redemption through Jesus. Thanks, Lisa.

After morning meeting we all headed back to Dennis’s house. Our goals for today were to get his shower so he can use it and work our punch list and continue cleanup in and around the house. It was a busy day. Anne, Max and Sue began by preparing the freezer board for the shower walls. Lisa and Mark worked on the punch list by replacing and repairing electrical outlets and switches and painting the electrical box in the kitchen area. It looks so much better. Dan and Virgie spent a very hot morning working on cleaning up part of our construction debris outside. After cutting all the pieces and dry fitting everything the installation in the shower began after lunch.  Everyone was in the bathroom at some point in the afternoon. The gluing of the freezer board, caulking, shower rod and curtain kept us busy. It was a little after quitting time when we were finally able to turn on the shower and show Dennis everything was working again after 10 days without his shower. He was so happy. And so were we. Next week we will be back to working the drywall.

After really quick showers, the team headed south to Geiger Key Marina and Restaurant. We had a wonderful evening with great food and beautiful sunset. Truly a “Keys” experience. A great way to start our weekend.

Breath Prayers

Wednesday, February 19, 2020

Looks like the folks at home are in for another bout of winter the next few days while we are having hot days with high humidity. We were very thankful for having air conditioning where we were working today. But we are all so thankful to be in the Keys. We are working with a great group of NOMADS!

Sue shared at our devotion time today and we were all blessed. She did some teaching and sharing on prayer and specifically about breath prayers. We are called to pray without ceasing and one of the ways we can do this is with breath prayers. For example, inhale and say, Speak Lord, exhale while saying Your servant is listening. Repeat for about 30 seconds and then remember to say your breath prayer throughout the day. You can use many scriptures as breath prayers. At the end she gave each of us a piece of paper with a breath prayer for us to keep with us and use today. Thanks, Sue, for sharing.

Our breath prayers
Our breath prayers

Today’s work was a little different. Early Max, Dan and Mark went back to Dennis’s and worked on taping and mudding the drywall, and plumbing. Anne, Virgie, Lisa and Sue worked on completing the painting of the David Hill room at the church, completing the trim painting and getting a second coat of paint on doors. By lunch the ladies had completed the painting and cleaned the work area. It look so much better and brighter. A fresh coat of paint really helps things. Right after lunch Dan got a call from Jim and he needed Max and Mark to return to the church and install a new water heater in the kitchen. So, change of assignments and Anne and Dan and Sue worked on completing the first coat of mud on the ceiling and walls of the bathroom. Virgie and Lisa worked on doing some deep cleaning and moving supplies and tools that are no longer needed at Dennis’s back to the trailer. We are also trying to move left over materials back to the church. Dennis’s house is getting closer and closer to completion. It was another very good day.

Today – Painting, Drywall and Plumbing

Tuesday, February 18, 2020

We are still in the Keys!! Still beautiful blue skies and crystal clear blue water. And we are still blessed to be able to work here. We led the team in devotion today talked about what God allows, he redeems. There is always good in things that appear bad at the time, if we let God redeem them and us. We then all went back to work – but not the same as yesterday.

Today Sue, Lisa, Virgie and Anne stayed at the church and painted the David Hill room – the area adjacent to the sanctuary. There was some repairs to the drywall as well. Max, Mark and Dan headed back to Dennis’s house to continue work on plumbing and drywall. The ladies got more painting done that was expected today and should finish up tomorrow. The guys made good progress too. It was another wonderful day.