Cabinets Finished

Wednesday, February 5, 2020

We are praying for our area of Alabama tonight as they are under a tornado watch until 11:00pm. We hope everyone stays alert and stay safe!

It was another busy day at Dennis’s house today and we again accomplished a lot. We are really enjoying our current team and glad we have had a few days for us to all work together. We are at that stage where you can really see the house coming together and beginning to look like a home. Max and Mark completed the installation of the cabinets today. They also installed the rim to enable the counter top guys to measure, and install the counter top. Hopefully that will occur next week. The kitchen looks so good even without the counter top. When we left for lunch today, Dennis was just sitting in the kitchen admiring his cabinets with a big smile on his face. Lisa and Sue completed the window trim in the living room and then worked on the caulking. The window trim adds so much. Great job ladies! Dan and Jim repaired the concrete slab in the front bedroom, installed some doors and Jim installed lights in the closets. Anne and Virgie painted doors, trim, and the front bedroom and closet. The closet and bedroom ceiling are complete and the bedroom walls are close. It is such a blessing for us to watch Dennis as he sees his house getting closer to completion. It’s made better because he now talks about how God sent us to him. He now gets why we do what we do. Such a blessing to us.

Much Accomplished at Dennis’s

Tuesday, February 04, 2020

The whole team worked at Dennis’s today and you can really see progress being made. At the end of the day the front bedroom was textured and waiting for paint, the front bedroom door was installed, the wall cabinets completed and the base cabinets started and more windows trimmed. This is a hard working team – including Dennis.

Busy Day in the Keys

Monday, February 03, 2020

Dan and Virgie brought our morning devotion from Ephesians 6:13 – “And pray in the Spirit on all occasions with all kinds of prayers and requests. With this in mind, be alert and always keep on praying for all the Lord’s people.” They reminded us that prayer is the ongoing connection between us and God. They finished with the humorous poem “Jake the Rancher.”

We all headed to Dennis’s this morning and made a lot of progress trimming doors and windows and getting the front bedroom ready to texture tomorrow.

After lunch Mark and Max were sent to a house on Lower Sugarloaf Key to hook up a kitchen sink drain. The lady of the house was thrilled because she has been washing dishes in the bathtub for two years. We spent more time driving back and forth than it took to connect the drain. It took less than 10 minutes of work then another 20-30 minutes letting the lady tell her story. Sometimes that is the most important thing we can do in our day.

Max and Mark installing a wall cabinet

After Max and Mark got back to Dennis’s house they started hanging kitchen cabinets. With the help of Dennis and Anne, two wall cabinets were installed before quitting time. It was a great day!

We were visited by a manatee again today
We were visited by a manatee again today

Quiet Weekend with a Stormy Start

Sunday February 2, 2020

Friday we got a slow start to our day as we frequently do on Fridays. We didn’t have to be anywhere so we slept in. Sara didn’t leave on Friday morning as we expected. She had a dead battery in her coach. Max got it out for her and NAPA tested it and thought it would take a charge and when Sara and her daughter checked in with them on Saturday morning it was charged and her coach cranked right up. She and her daughters were on their way. Hopefully this is the end to her problems and we are praying for safe travels. The rest of Friday was spent on laundry, cleaning and baking. The weather started taking a turn for the worse by Friday afternoon and we decided we should stay close to home rather than biking over to No Name Key. By Friday night we were under a severe thunderstorm watch and the Everglades area where our NOMADS friends were overnighting was under a tornado warning. We had heavy rain but not too much wind.

Saturday there was a large health fair sponsored by the University of Miami with the physicians and nursing students from the university doing various exams and checkups for the people of the lower keys, here at the church. The UM Women sold sandwiches, hot dogs, chili, and desserts as a fund raiser during the event so several of the NOMADS made things for them to sell. Anne took them the blueberry nut bread she baked on Friday. It rained and stormed most of the day Saturday so it was just a stay at home day with some walking and biking between the storms. We were very thankful when Lisa and Mark arrived safely after their stormy night in the Everglades.

Today was a beautiful Florida sunshine day but the wind is back to 25 mph. Our usual Sunday schedule, worship, brunch, a free afternoon and then team meeting. We plan to go back to Dennis’s tomorrow. Hope you all had a great weekend.