Back to Sugarloaf Key

Monday, January 27, 2020

Gumby struck again this morning after devotion.  While the rest of the team went back to work at Dennis’s house we were sent to Bob’s house on Sugarloaf Key.  The last time we were there was January 2nd when Max and Larry installed a new front door but had to leave it with temporary trim for lack of proper trim.  Bob’s house has moved up on the priority list.   The two main items on the punch list for today were to finish the door installation and fix the hole we left in the drywall after we found a roof leak. The drywall patch was fairly straight forward, but the door was a challenge because the new door was not the same as the door we removed and the masonry door opening was not exactly square or plumb. Anne patched the wall before lunch then spent the afternoon helping Max trim the door.  Wood had to be custom cut and installed around the door frame so we would have something to nail the trim to and most of the brick mold outside had to be modified to fit the door opening.  Very time consuming, but in the end it looks pretty good.

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