Close to Finish at Bob’s

Wednesday, January 29, 2020

We led the team in devotion this morning and afterwards we all headed back out to Bob’s. We are really pushing to get this house completed. Today we got a lot accomplished. Anne started the day sanding and painting the area of the drywall patch required due to a roof leak. That job is now complete. Max began the day completing the steps from the back bedroom to the back yard. Sue and Virgie completed installing the quarter round trim. Dan completed the installation of the sink plumbing and Jim installed outlets in the kitchen and then installed a light fixture in the bathroom. As the day progressed, the front door trim was painted, trim was caulked and the paint was touched up, a bedroom door was hung, closet doors adjusted, baseboard installed in the kitchen, door locks installed, and drawers and cabinet doors adjusted. It was an amazing day. This team really turns out the work. We are very close to being ready to check this house off the list. Jim (construction coordinator) will be getting us a few necessary supplies and hopefully tomorrow will be the final day.

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