Another Busy Day

Tuesday, January 28, 2020

It was another beautiful day in the Florida Keys. The water is smooth as a lake contrary to last week when winds were 25-30mph and there were small craft warnings. Yes, we are spoiled to this beautiful place.

Today was another Gumby day. Max and Anne went to Bob’s while Dan, Sue, and Jim went back to Dennis’s house, and Virgie and Sara went to Key West to have Sara’s broken arm rechecked. After lunch the team joined us at Bob’s. We are really pushing to get Bob’s house finished. We haven’t been given an absolute deadline but Jim Coffey has said ASAP. We are hoping to be complete by early next week. This morning Anne but another coat on the wall patch while Max finished installing the rest of the four inch tap cons to bring the front door up to hurricane standards. All new exterior doors have to be up to the new hurricane standards. They have to open out and the inspectors count the number of tap cons to be sure you have used enough. Then we worked on installing the new kitchen sink. When our reinforcements arrived after lunch, things really started to move. The closet shelves and rods were installed, part of the quarter round installed, part of the plumbing of the kitchen sink was completed, the concrete step was replaced at the kitchen door and new steps were begun out the back bed room door. Some of the electrical work was also begun. It was a busy afternoon. It’s amazing what gets done when we all work together. We love working with our NOMADS friends.

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