“Camping” Day

Wednesday, April 10, 2019

Monday was a very rainy, stormy day. It was a stay at home, and sleep late kind of day. Good sleeping weather. There were two small tornadoes in Blount County that caused at least one injury and a good bit of damages. Max, of course, watched the storms carefully and one of the storms that became a tornado in Blount came close but just to the north of us. We were able to do our walking during breaks in the storms, but we didn’t venture out on the trails due to the mud and not getting too far from Fred.

Finally saw a tug and coal barges on Tuesday
Finally saw a tug and coal barges on Tuesday

Tuesday started with more rain which lasted longer than we expected. Finally, by the afternoon things finally started looking better and we were able to get outside again. We were able to sit out by the water and enjoy the sights and sounds; lots of birds, and squirrels. We have seen just a few deer this time. Last fall we saw were herds. We went toward town to the Publix to pick up a few BOGOs and mail a letter that needed to go out. Really nice to have a small, clean, up to date campground, where you really feel like you are way out in the woods but is really only about 15 minutes from a great grocery store.

Grilling chicken and veggiesToday we woke up to some fog on the water but it burned off quickly and then it was a beautiful almost summertime day. Our high was 88 with a light breeze. We were able to get lots of hiking/walking and it just felt so good to relax and enjoy the beauty. We found some beautiful native azaleas in full bloom right along the waterfront. In the afternoon we got the grill back out and grilled some chicken and veggies. We had some mac and cheese with it and finished it off with ice cream sundaes. We sat outside on the deck and read, watched the traffic on the river and visited with others in the campground. Anne did some NOMADS work part of the day but other than that we just relaxed. It was a real “camping” kind of day. Wonderful! We have met some really nice people here and everyday we have gotten to tell people the NOMADS story. Who knows? We might get some new members.

Early Morning

Sunday, April 7, 2019

We started today very early. We were out of bed at 4:00 am and on the road back to Oneonta at 5:00. We met our dear friends Donna and Barry for breakfast before early church. This will be our last time to worship with our friends at Lester Memorial for about six weeks so it was definitely worth the effort to attend. We had a good time visiting with Donna and Barry and then had another great time of worship. Our praise band seems to be just getting better and better under Chase’s leadership and Pastor Harvey’s messages are always such a blessing and today was no exception. The services are streamed each week on YouTube (link) so you might want to listen in sometime. We are so glad we can listen when we are on the road.

After Sunday School, we spent some time with the Aunts and then checked on Aunt Helen’s house and then our house to be sure there was no damage from last night’s storm. Thankful we found no problems at either place, we headed back to Deerlick Creek in Tuscaloosa County. It was a beautiful Sunday afternoon and we took advantage of it, walking over 7.5 miles today. The dogwood trees are in full bloom in the woods, as are some other things we can’t identify. The trees are all greening up and the grass is too. Spring time in Alabama. Love it! We forgot to tell you, we keep cameras around the house. When we check them, we find we have a lot of visitors. The deer are no longer afraid to come right up to the garage including a couple of really nice bucks. Along with the coyotes, turkeys, raccoons, possums, rabbits and squirrels we have also had a bobcat, a fox, and a river otter. So cool! We know there has been a sighting of a black bear on the mountain. It sure would be nice to get a picture of a bear. That’s it for today. We are going to have another storm come through tonight or tomorrow so everyone stay safe.

American Brown SnakeWhen we returned to Deerlick Creek we were greeted by this little fellow near our doorstep. It is imaginatively named a “brown snake” and is common in most of the south. Most people have never seen one because it is usually less than 12″ long when fully grown and spends most of its time hiding under debris on the forest floor. This one was only about 8″ long. We shooed it off the pavement so we wouldn’t accidentally step on it.

Change of Scenery

Saturday, April 6, 2019

We moved today. We have been in Tuscaloosa parked in Mama Ruby’s driveway for almost two weeks. We have not been blogging very much because we have been working non-stop on the family business and the little old ladies (LOL’s – remember they came up with this name not us). There was a lot of paperwork to do for the LOL’s as well as the filing of their tax returns. Glad to say that is all done. We visited the post office yesterday and mailed it all. YEA!! We have also completed the accounting work for the businesses, Max’s mom’s final tax return and all our taxes. Fred is also clean. Of course it is now raining so he may have to get another rinse off but that’s okay. Max also cooked some great meals while Anne was busy with the accounting.

Our new view at Deerlick Creek campground. Our regular blog followers might recognize this a the same site we were in last year.
Our new view at Deerlick Creek campground. Our regular blog followers might recognize this a the same site we were in last year.

We celebrated with a dinner at the Texas Road House. We enjoyed the salmon and ribs and the line dancing by the servers. We went back to Oneonta yesterday to visit with the LOL’s and now we are at Deerlick Creek COE campground looking out over the Warrior River. We are just slightly upstream from the Holt Dam so we can watch the tugs and barge traffic. It is so quiet and peaceful here. Very nice after the noise of Tuscaloosa. Tuscaloosa is beautiful in the spring and we have really enjoyed everything in bloom along the greenway which we walked every day but this Corps of Engineers park out in the woods, on the water and only 41 sites is much more to our liking. We will get a few days of relaxation before heading back to Baton Rouge next week. Hope you all have a great weekend. Remember to be in prayer for all the worship services tomorrow. May we all have ears to listen to the Word.

Pollen on the pond behind our house. No wonder we are still having allergy symptoms.
Pollen on the pond behind our house. No wonder we are still having allergy symptoms.