Still Painting in Baton Rouge

Wednesday, April 17, 2019

Today was another beautiful day in Baton Rouge. It’s nice to be able to sit outside for breaks and lunch. Joe and Jayne brought our devotion today based on Col 1:3-4. They ended with a funny reading titled “Methodists” by Garrison Keillor. We’ve always enjoyed Garrison Keillor and this is no exception. After devotion, we all returned to our same work assignments as yesterday.

At Norwich we got the first coat of paint on the kitchen walls. We hoped to get it completed before the cabinets arrived and we did. Tomorrow we will have to dance around the cabinets to complete the second coat. We are working on priming the walls in the remainder of the house. The people who textured the house got over-spray on the fire place but with the work of Cheri and Butch it now looks much better. Max is working to get all the windows caulked.

At Pam’s house there are just a few things left to complete. We may get to do the Bible presentation there tomorrow. A lot of good work was done again today.

We are all watching the weather closely. Again. Tomorrow we are in an enhanced risk area for possible severe storms. The people of Baton Rouge are taking it seriously. School is canceled and all the state offices will be closed. Right now we are planning to work in the morning but probably come back to the church by lunch. Part of west Alabama is also in the enhanced risk zone. Praying for everyone’s safety and we would appreciate your prayers.

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