Painting in Baton Rouge

Tuesday, April 16, 2019

We left here a month ago and when we returned we found the team working on the same two houses we were working on when we left.  Actually, they have worked on other house while we were gone, but this week it is Ms. Pam’s house in Denham Springs and the Norwich Drive house. This week our team consists of Gary and Sharon (our leaders), Butch and Cheri, Jayne and Joe, Mark and Jo, Suzanne and us two.

On Monday Suzanne led our devotional with a reading from Bruce Taylor’s book, That Still, Small Voice. Bruce and Susan are new NOMADS and worked their first ever project here last week. At the end of the week he gave each NOMADS household on the team a copy of that book. Suzanne read the chapter on remembrances about fishing. The point of the reading was that this would be a much better world if we concentrated more on our similarities and less on our differences. Afterwards, Gary sent Mark and Jo, Joe and Jayne and Suzanne to Ms. Pam’s house to work on plumbing, painting and other items. Butch, Cheri and Sharon went to a Julie’s house to install a cabinet and a table. We went back to the Norwich drive house to put primer on the ceiling. We primed about half of the ceiling by the end of the day.  The rest of the team also made good progress where they were working.

Today Cheri brought the devotion reminding us that ministry is being where God needs us – where we need to be. Then Butch, Cheri and Suzanne joined us at Norwich drive. With the extra help we were able to finish priming and painting the ceilings and start the walls.

(Only a couple of pictures today because you have probably seen all the pictures of people painting that you would ever care to see.)

The rest of the team went to Ms. Pam’s and finished most of the plumbing and cabinets as well as more painting.

Tonight, Pastor David and his wife treated the team to dinner at Picadilly’s. We all had a great time visiting with them and the team away from work.

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