A Stormy Day

Thursday, April 18, 2019

Our afternoon
Our afternoon

Thanks for the prayers for safety during the storms. The weather has cleared in Baton Rouge and we will be having some cooler temperatures tomorrow. Due to the concerns about the weather Gary had the team head to our job sites after devotion but return before lunch. We arrived back to the RV just as the rain was beginning to fall. We now understand the concern here in Baton Rouge. The winds were never severe here at Francis Asbury UMC. We had some lightening. No hail. But we did have heavy rain for maybe a couple of hours. The parking lot and yard here at the church looked fine but within a block of the church when we headed out for dinner tonight, there was water everywhere. Yards were filled with water and awfully close to being in the homes. We were quite surprised. We had heard an announcement this morning that people could go to a certain location and fill sandbags for free. We were also surprised that when we returned from dinner the water was down considerably. It seems drainage system just can’t handle very much rain. Everything is low, flat, and was already wet. Guess the soil just can’t take any more water. Anyway, glad is seems to be improving but we are going to get more rain during the night. Sorry, I guess we were so surprised at the water, we didn’t think to get any pictures as we were driving tonight. It also appears that the worst of the weather is now past Blount County. We have heard of trees down but are hoping there was nothing worse.

More drywall finishing in our future
More drywall finishing in our future

When we arrived back out at Norwich this morning, we discovered that a section of the master bedroom wall had been removed. We had found out it was going to happen yesterday afternoon. We were not really that surprised but, it sure did hurt to see. As we suspected they were not able to get the shower installed without taking out part of the wall. Thought the people that worked so hard hanging and finishing the sheet rock should see this. Mark, sorry you weren’t here to do the demo, as we know how much you would have enjoyed. We did get the final coat of paint on the kitchen walls this morning so we will be able to begin cabinet installation Monday. Pam’s house is basically finished but we may be going back to install a wheelchair ramp. We had hoped to do two Bible presentations this afternoon but the weather was just too bad at the time they were scheduled so we will have to do that sometime next week when the weather is better. Today was NOMADS Friday, so we are planing on some relaxing and maybe some time to play tourist this weekend.

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