Good Friday 2019

Friday, April 19, 2019

This morning was a much prettier and cooler morning than yesterday. It’s been a beautiful day for the most part but we have had intermittent rain showers usually lasting less than ten minutes.

It was a day of “see ya’ later’s” as Mark and Jo and Cheri and Butch pulled out this morning. Cheri and Butch are headed to North Carolina for their next three week project. Mark and Jo are headed back to Iowa after a couple of stops along the way. We didn’t get to work with Mark and Jo very much this time but we did make a point of visiting at dinner a few evenings. We will get to see them again in Wisconsin this summer. We should see Cheri and Butch again at annual meeting. Hope they have a great summer.

After seeing everyone off, Anne did some policy work for NOMADS and helped Max with some work on our new theater seating. We decided we wanted some rollers under the front for additional floor protection. There was also laundry to do and of course some exercise. Otherwise it was a pretty quiet and restful day.

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