Finishing Up

Thursday, June 7, 2018.

It was another hot day in Hattiesburg, MS. No rain in the area. The morning really didn’t seem too hot but after lunch it was 94 and humid. Okay, we know – it’s summer in southern Mississippi. Of course it’s going to be hot. Unfortunately, we have looked ahead to the forecast for Tuscaloosa. It’s going to be hot there too.

Peggy brought our devotion today. She shared a devotion a member of her church had written. Jeremiah 20:11 “For I know the plans I have for you,” says the Lord. “They are plans for good and not for disaster to give you a future and a hope.” We talked about how sometimes we take God for granted. We enjoy the sunrise but forget the creator of the sun. We want to be blessed but forget the one who blesses. We need to seek the creator not the creation. This has been a great team for participation in devotions and for sharing. The most important time of our day. Good time!

After devotion we headed back to James’ house. Our main focus today was to complete the laminate in the laundry room and get as much trim installed and caulked as possible. Every one went to work and it was amazing what was accomplished. It was nice to have everyone back in the same place for our last day. It was a little crowded with the ten of us in James’ little house but it was good. We were treated to lunch at The Depot, a restaurant next door to R3SM. An anonymous donor gave us all $10.00 give certificates. The food was really good and was a real treat for the team. After lunch we did our first Bible presentation of the day. We had all signed the Korean Bible for our Korean home owner. It was so great to get to meet her. She was very touched by the Bible. She seemed to be very touched and excited to have a Bible in her native language. Chris heard her on the phone calling friends and family and telling them about the Bible. We wonder if she lost her Bible in the storm. Neat! On the way back to work we stopped by Mary’s to give her a Bible. Mary was very glad to see us, very appreciative of the visit. Both ladies shed a few tears. We then all gathered back at James’s house and presented him with his Bible. It was a very special time. He also seemed so appreciative of all that has been done for him.

After the great time with James we all went back to work and completed all the laminate, and most all of the base and trim that could be installed for now. There will be more after the tile is installed. It was time to clean the house and get all our tools back in our vehicles. The house is looking really good. It is looking like a home now. The tile, cabinets and final plumbing, electrical and HVAC and the house should be about complete. Darrel thinks they can have all that done in the next month. We truly hope so.

Tonight was met at the pavilion and had a time of food and sharing. We had some very good watermelon, ice cream and cupcakes. It was a fun time and a time to say goodbye. This has been a great team. They really came together to get it done. All but Nula will be pulling out in the morning. We hope to see you all down the road soon.

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