A Day of Finishes

Friday, September 7, 2018

We are stuck on 70 degrees and 95% humidity. This morning we also had fog. The forecast high was 91. Don’t know what the actual high was but everyone was very hot and really had to drink fluids to avoid dehydration.

Even though it was Friday, the team worked today since we were off Monday for the Labor Day holiday. We know it was still just a four day week, not an extra day but we were all very tired by the end of the day. Part of it was surely the heat and humidity. Maybe the rest was just because we knew we were working on Friday.

James receiving the keys to his house
James receiving the keys to his house (photo by R3SM)

For our former team members who follow this blog, we want you all to know that R3SM, our Hattiesburg agency turned the keys to his house over to James this week. So happy that he is finally back in his home, a totally new house. James has been restored to a better situation than he had before the tornado. You all worked very hard and played a big part in this wonderful gift to him. Praying he has many wonderful years in his new home and thankful for all the NOMADS who worked so hard in Hattiesburg.  (Click here to read our blog entry of our last day there.)

The Board of Directors of Camp Lake Stephens will be meeting here beginning Sunday afternoon. Therefore, we spent a lot of today trying to finish up some things to make the camp look great for the guests coming for the weekend, and the Board Sunday. Today we (Max, Anne and Kitty) completed the Restful Cottage and one of the Board members will be staying there Sunday night. We repaired the lavatory drain, moved the last of the IKEA furniture from the Lodge to the cottage, washed the new dishes, pans, utensils and towels and placed then in them in the cottage. We also installed tissue holder and towel rods and generally just cleaned up the cottage. We are pleased with the outcome. Hope the Board is too.

John and Dave working on the outside of the barn

Dave and John worked at the barn to get it looking good and then joined the rest of us in the main part of camp helping wherever they were needed.

Shannon, Del and Peggy completed the “Maypole” area – officially the sail shade structure. Late this afternoon we all sat around under the shade. Nice.

The garden fence and gate were also completed by Mariel and Carol with the help of John, Shannon, Dave and Max.

Carol and Dave met with Rich our camp director and they told us that he is very pleased with all we have accomplished for the camp. He has never worked with NOMADS before and as usual is surprised by how much we get done in a week. We are all very tired tonight but it is a good tired.

Our weekend is one day short but we still have a play day planned for tomorrow. It should be fun.

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