Home Stretch

Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Today we were back to the weather to which we have grown accustom. Beautiful blue sky with some white puffy clouds with a high of 90. We started the day with low humidity which was nice but by the end of the day it was sweaty weather. It started to feel a little oppressive again. It’s going to be hotter tomorrow if predictions are correct.

Wayne brought our devotion today, based on 2 Chronicles 1:1-12. This is the passage where God tells Solomon to ask for whatever he wants God to give him and since Solomon asked for wisdom and knowledge to lead the people, and did not ask for wealth, God gave him wisdom and knowledge plus wealth, possessions and honor. We again had good discussion and conversation. Thanks, Wayne.

We just thought we were through with the Lilac Street house. Today Wayne, Max and Debbi went back to Lilac to do a few final touches on the framing and realized they had missed framing two closets. So they spent most of the day framing a closet in the bedroom and a coat closet. They also cut the base plates out for the doors. Now, they have completed all the assigned tasks at Lilac. Wayne and Debbi went to the Korean Baptist church and met with the pastor and picked up a Bible and several other items that we can pass along to our home owner. Such a blessing.

After completing Lilac, we were all back together at James’ house. Today more doors were hung. All were completed in areas that have the flooring installed. Even the second large closet doors. Thanks Dave, Phil, Nula and Del who all worked on the doors. There was also more general cleaning. Peggy painted all the new trim for the doors and the base board. Nula, Carol, Anne and Debbi all worked on flooring at some time today. Later in the day Max and Wayne worked on trimming out the entrance door and started on the baseboard. The trim is really making everything look so good.

Tomorrow is our last day so it will be busy. Please pray for us to be able to finish our the project with no injuries and finish it well.

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