Hot Tuesday in Hattiesburg

Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Today was another really hot day. When we left for work today the TV station reported 100% humidity. Don’t know if that was exactly accurate but it sure felt it. It was hot all day until we were driving home. It had already rained at Oak Grove UMC before we returned and about 6:30 we had a thunderstorm with lots of lightening and it is still raining at 8:30. The locals will be very happy.

Bryant and Jackie had our devotion today. Again some of us gathered early for a time of singing with Gary and Bryant on the guitars. So nice to have good music. The devotion for today was from Hebrews 13:1-6 from The Message, with yesterday’s reading from the Upper Room. Good devotion with good music.

We were then all off to the job sites with us all returning to the same jobs as yesterday. Traffic didn’t seem quite a bad as yesterday. Back at James’ we returned to painting. Today the bedroom, laundry room and bath room were completed. The final coat of paint was put on the kitchen and living room ceiling. All the window and door trim was painted. Later in the day Bryant and Norman worked on installing the window trim. Hopefully they will be able to finish that tomorrow. The rest of us painted the second bedroom, laundry room, bathroom, started the kitchen. The ceiling in the kitchen and living room was completed. And the furnace room was also painted. We didn’t get the painting completed today but hopefully tomorrow. James's son cooked fish for us todayThis afternoon, James and his son, James, Jr., cooked the team fried fish. James Jr. went fishing yesterday and caught bream, bass and trout. They fried it up for us as a way of saying thanks. We also got to meet James daughter and two of his many grandchildren. It was a special time with the family and certainly we appreciated it.


The folks working at Mary’s house completed all their work there for now. They worked on some electrical issues, and reinstalled the ceiling in the carport. We think the funding hasn’t come through for the flooring but for now we have been pulled from there and tomorrow we will all be at James’s house.


Cleaning brushes
Brush cleaning party

It was another good day. Tonight, four of the ladies had a ladies night out, NOMADS style. We left the guys at home and went to Lowe’s. We looked at tools, paint supplies, ladders and anything else that struck our fancy. Then after buying a few things we needed for tomorrow, we returned to Oak Grove. Yep, that was our ladies night out. Some would think that wasn’t very exciting or interesting but we had fun visiting with each other.


On the way home we drove by one of the houses we worked on last year

On the way home we drove by one of the houses we worked on last year. (Click here to read about it.)

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