First Work Day in Hattiesburg

Monday, October 2, 2017

Today was a gray, sometimes rainy day in Hattiesburg. The rain was really never much more than a sprinkle that lasted just a few minutes and sometimes it was just a little mist. It did keep the temperatures down so we could work with the windows open in the house with no worries of getting over heated. The rest of the week it is predicted to be sunny with highs in the mid to upper 80’s but that’s better than 90’s.

We of course started the day with devotion, by Gary, based on Proverbs 19:21. He reminded us to not let our work plans get in the way of God’s plans for our day, especially when it comes to spending time with our homeowners and their neighbors that sometime come to see us. A good example was when Sandra, the homeowner, came by at lunch today. We were still on site when she arrived and are so glad we didn’t go eat with the rest of the team today. We thought the bathroom was the number one priority, but Sandra’s priority is the bedroom. We discussed that with Gary when he returned and we will be adjusting some work plans.

We had a short morning meeting since we met last night and were in route to the job site by 8:00. Traffic is pretty heavy around here at that time. There are several schools nearby. It took about 20 minutes to get to our work site. We toured the house and then started determining what we wanted to start on first. We think the house was probably built in the 1940’s or early 50’s. Cute little house. Today we did some cleanup, some drywall repair, work in the pantry, striping of some trim to try to salvage it and Max and Anne spent most of the day working in the bathroom. We installed the bath tub and tub surround. We think it looks pretty good. It was more of a challenge because the walls, of course, were not plumb. We will be installing drywall tomorrow. Sharon is working on the fireplace, painting Kilz on the mantel and brick because it is now going to be white to match the rest of the trim in the room. We felt good about what was accomplished today and love being back at work on a project.

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