A Day Down Under

Wednesday, May 23, 2018


It was another hot day, with high humidity. But at least the rain held off until after supper.

We provided the devotion today with “The Parable of the Pencil” – one of our favorites. And really enjoyed the singing today with Gene and Bryant on guitar.

At work we both worked under the house all day. We spent the day with some other team members and Paul, a local volunteer, in the 56” high space installing ¼” plywood to cover the under floor insulation. Anne even had to bend over a little.  We all used our heads and backs holding up the plywood while we stapled it in place, in ways God never intended us to use them.  We will probably feel it in the morning . We completed about 40% of the installation. The Mennonite Disaster Services obtained a grant to make the house they build more energy efficient so this was part of that project.

After work we attended a dinner in honor of the graduates at Oak Grove UMC. Delicious prime rib with all the fixin’s. About the time we arrived back at the rig the bottom fell out and it rained for about an hour and a half.

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