Back at Work in Hattiesburg

Monday, May 21, 2018

It was another beautiful morning in Hattiesburg. The high was suppose to be 83 but it was higher. It is still 82 now at 8:00pm. It was a hot and humid work day. Again had to work to stay hydrated.

Monday morning devotionWe of course started the day with devotion. It is such a treat to be working with Gene and Bryant because they both play the guitar for us. Good music before devotion time and good singing with the guitars at devotion. Mary Ann had us read parts of The Carpenter’s Tools where we were each a different tool. It was good and fun. Anne was sandpaper and Max was ruler.

We then headed to the job sites. Anne worked at James’s house and Max worked at Mary’s. Both were about 30 minutes from Oak Grove UMC and only about 5 minutes apart. We met at the R3SM office for lunch but took our breaks separately. John’s house is a new build that was built by the Mennonite team. We are doing the inside work and are currently painting, and installing window trim. Today we completed priming all rooms. We have final ceiling and wall paint in one bedroom. All the ceilings have final paint except kitchen and living room. One of the hall closets was also completed. We should finish most of the painting tomorrow.

At Mary’s we repaired an exterior door frame, framed a window, painted trim, removed a section of of the porch ceiling and installed trim around two interior doors and some base board. If the flooring is there in the morning, we will be installing that tomorrow.

It was a busy day at both houses. James came by his house late this afternoon. He likes the paint we are using and we learned a little of his story. He was at his house when the tornado struck. His house was deemed not repairable and was bulldozed. He is very excited seeing the progress on his house. We don’t really know Mary’s story yet. More tomorrow.

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