Making More Progress

Tuesday, October 3, 2017

As predicted today was a warm, sunny day. We had a breeze most of the day so the mid-eighties temperature was actually rather nice. We did need fans working inside.

Max and Anne were responsible for devotion today. We titled this one “How to stop a hurricane.” We have done it before but changed it a little. Scriptural basis was Psalm 46:1-3. Land stops hurricanes, depriving the storm of water and heat and it eventually dies. When we work disaster rebuilds, we act as the land for the home owners who have been devastated, depriving the storm from continuing to cause damage in peoples lives.

When we arrived at Sandra’s home we all just picked up where we left off yesterday. That meant Max and Anne returned to the bathroom. We first removed the bracing for the tub surround and fortunately everything was adhered tightly. We then started on the drywall. We completed the drywall this afternoon, but we did spend most of the day getting it up. The bathroom ceiling is 10 feet high so is was difficult to install. We also started putting the concrete board down on the floor in preparation for the installation of the ceramic tile. George and Lynn and Dave and Judy spent most of the day continuing the cleanup of the trim. Sharon continued the painting on the fireplace and then later in the day started on the baseboards in the bedroom. Gary was of course working all over, keeping us all busy, as well as running to the store to get anything that was needed. It was another productive day. After work it was home for baths to get all the drywall dust off then a chef salad for dinner and four laps around the parking lot. Now time for rest and bed.

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