The Gang’s All Here

Sunday, October 1, 2017

Oak Grove UMC Morning WorshipToday was another nice day. A little cooler, with a little slight touch of autumn in the air. We went to early church and then Sunday School. The early service was their smaller service but everyone was very welcoming. The SS class was also welcoming, casual and fun. They were in their final week of study of the J. Ellsworth Kalas‘ book, Parables from the Back Side. The book sounds interesting so we may have to get a copy. Kalas takes a parable from the Bible and looks at it from the point of view of one of the minor characters. Today’s lesson was from the parable of the 10 virgins. The back side was from the view point of the seller of the oil. Interesting. The teacher gave us a copy of the chapter of the book so we plan to read that over the next few days. We really enjoyed visiting Oak Grove UMC. We then went to a Mexican restaurant for lunch. We were the first customers for the day. They hadn’t even unlocked until we got there. Since there were six of us they seated us in a side dining room which was nice because we were the only ones in there and it was okay for us to sit around the table a visit for a while.

Everyone is here nowAfter a nice meal of enchiladas we went back to FRED and did a little laundry and awaited our last team member. Dave and Judy arrived at about 4:00 and with great finesse backed their 40foot Pheaton in between FRED and Gary and Sharon’s motorhome. We are in pretty tight and not sure how we will all get out but we are good for the week. Dave and Judy may have to leave before we can get out Friday.

First Team MeetingOf course we had our opening team meeting after Dave and Judy had some time to get settled. There were the usual introductions, and review of work to be done. We will start at 7:30 in the morning with devotional then about a 20-30 min drive to our first job site. We understand there are about 150 homes in this area that still need work from the January 2017 tornado. Lots to be done starting in the morning.

One thought on “The Gang’s All Here”

  1. Love Kalas’ books. He has several “from the backside” ones but the parables is fun and a new way to look at old familiar stories. He also has a Christmas one, too, which is fun. I enjoy his writing and view. Ray and I are still in the throes of getting our cabin built so we can move in but reading this post makes me miss the fun of beginning a new work week. God bless your team and those who you will be helping as well as those who still need help. With all that has gone on NOMADS will be plenty busy. Be careful, be safe and be productive.


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