Riding the Longleaf Trace

Saturday, September 30, 2017

Our first stop this morning was at Donut KingThere is a doughnut shop across the street from Oak Grove UMC where we are parked. You all probably find it hard to believe, but we arrived here last Monday and made our first purchase today. Oh my goodness they have wonderful doughnuts and cinnamon rolls. It won’t be our last visit.

We really debated riding our bikes today or staying at home resting. But we had planned to ride the Longleaf Trace rails-to-trails multi-use trail earlier in the week. The trail has a great reputation and since it was the last day we would have, we got up early today and hit the trail. The weather was perfect for a ride and this is probably the best bike trail we have ridden. Nice wide, paved trail. We understand why it is so popular. It’s a 41 mile trail and we road 22 miles round trip today. It was a really nice, fun ride.

After our ride we stopped and picked up some groceries before returning FRED. Later this afternoon, team members George and Lynn arrived. We have never worked with then so we will enjoy making new friends. Our final team members will arrive tomorrow. Otherwise it was a quiet afternoon. Just before dark we walked four laps of the parking lot to stretch out our legs.

Tomorrow we are looking forward to worship here at Oak Grove. Don’t forget to be in prayer for tomorrow’s services.

Update on Mama Ruby:  She is back at assisted living.  She is still weak but was discharged today without oxygen.  Still concerned about her, but glad she is out of hospital.

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