Back Together in Hattiesburg (and Another Flashback)

Friday, September 29, 2017

We are both in Hattiesburg!! It’s so nice for us to both be back at home. Thank you God for safe travel today.

Update on Mama Ruby: The cardiologist visit today was encouraging. He was pleased with the lab values and amount of fluid that we got off yesterday. Mom responded so much better to the lasix yesterday. He said he wanted to do one more day of IV lasix then we would see about changing to pills and talk about getting her home. That was very good news, although Mom was a little anxious because she wasn’t sure she had improved enough to go back to assisted living. Her oxygen saturation is still lower than we would like but we are hoping will slowly improve now that she has less fluid in the lungs. So today was about getting everything in place to assure a smooth transition back to assisted living. Anne and her brother Jim visited the assisted living facility to arrange for a nurse to visit Mom at the hospital today to do their paperwork to allow her to return. There is some state required stuff that has to be done if she is out more than 48 hours. We also made sure we had everything in place for oxygen to be delivered if it is determined tomorrow that she will need it. Mom had therapy today and walked further than yesterday. She also, late this afternoon, walked the hall two more times (using her walker) with Jim and walked a little further than with the therapist. We are so glad. We were concerned about her loosing some of the strength she has worked so hard to gain. She is such a hard worker at therapy. So Jim decided that Mom was doing enough better that he felt he could stay an additional night and move Mom back to assisted living tomorrow by himself. He suggested that Anne return to Hattiesburg and he would stay in close phone contact about everything. Thank you so much Jim. You are a gem! Anne rejoined Max and FRED about 6:10 tonight. Praying that labs are again better in the morning and the cardiologist still feels she can be discharged. Once again, thanks to all who have been sending notes and praying. It means more than you will ever know.

Our evening by the bonfire
The Fall 2016 NOMADS Team One Evening by the Bonfire

Another flashback: Since not much was going on in Hattiesburg today (except Anne making it back), we looked back to where we were this time last year. We were at Camp Sumatanga on a NOMADS 3 Week Project. For some reason we didn’t take as many pictures there as we usually do so some of these pictures were taken by friends. The project went from September 25th to October 14th. The main task was to remodel the rooms in Retreat Center 3 (a huge task) but, as always, there were many other tasks to keep us busy. We had a great team led by Bill and Jane and enjoyed meeting up again with old friends and making many new friends.



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