Day of Rest

Saturday, May 26, 2018

Finally, a day of rest. This morning started off cool – and foggy – then another hot afternoon and then rain. In fact the rain cooled the air so much we had to put on long sleeves while we were sitting out in the pavilion with the team.

Mile 1We started out day with a 16 mile bike ride on the Longleaf Trace, a wonderful rail trail here in Hattiesburg. When we were here last year we started at the Jackson Road Station and road away from town.  (click here to read about it.)  Today we rode into downtown. On the bridge over I-59 several  someones have copied the “love locks” tradition from Paris. We rode past the trail gateway into downtown until we got stopped by a train and turned around. It was a fun ride and even though there were quite a few people using the trail today it did not seem crowded.

After we returned to the church we got together with the team for a pancake brunch. Max cooked up a couple of pounds of sausage patties and a pound of bacon (for future use) before we cooked pancakes and eggs. Carol brought some fresh blueberries to go on the pancakes. Great fun, but we ate too much and after we cleaned up we took naps.

We got together again later in the evening to decide which service we would attend tomorrow.

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