Hard Working Team

Wednesday, August 29, 2018

Another hot one in Oxford. The high temperature was 90 but with high humidity the heat index was approaching 100. Summer is not over in Mississippi. Another few weeks will make a big difference, hopefully. Another team will be here after annual meeting and hopefully they will enjoy some cooler weather. Lots of thunderstorms in the area but we still have had no rain. Rich was cutting grass today and goodness at the dust. Thankfully he was wearing a mask.

Max and Anne brought devotion today based on Philippians 2:14-16 NIV. Take a look at that passage again sometime soon. So many things we could have discussed, such as the “without grumbling or arguing” but we focused today on “then you will shine like stars in the sky as you hold firmly to the word of life.” Next time you find yourself enjoying a night sky full of stars, remind yourself that you are to shine like those stars on a clear night, not like a cloudy night.

The team continued to work hard today. The barn crew, Shannon, Dave and John cut the expansion joints in yesterdays concrete, installed the Tyvek and then started framing the interior walls.

Carol and Mariel installed curtains in cabins that will be used this weekend for a family retreat. The curtains were made by some church ladies for the camp and really pep up the interior of the cabins.

Del and Peggy assembling furniture for the hermitage cabinPeggy and Dale started putting together the Ikea furniture for the cabin where Max and Anne and Kitty have been working. The cabin flooring is almost complete, just a little left in the bathroom. There is still some plumbing to do and some major cleaning to be done. Max installed a gutter on the cabin today to prevent the water problems we have been working to repair. This cabin is being changed to a hermitage retreat type cabin for pastors. For summer camp the furniture will be removed and bunk beds reinstalled for the summer guests.

Flooring almost finished in cabin

Flooring almost finished in cabin (should have taken the picture before we moved all the tools back in.)

Lots more progress was made and we are all again, really tired. Lots more to be done tomorrow since it’s our last day of work until next Tuesday. We will work next Friday to make up for taking off Labor Day.

Okay, while typing it has started raining. Maybe we will get enough to take care of all the dust. Hopefully it will last until bedtime. Love to sleep to rain on Fred’s roof. Hope your week is going well.

Another Busy Day at Camp

Tuesday, August 28, 2018

Team Picture Camp Lake Stephens 2018We again got up early enough to walk a couple of miles before devotion. We walked on the same county road in from of the camp and have yet to see a vehicle on it while we were walking.  It can have some pretty speedy cars later in the day but early morning it’s very quiet.

Kitty brought our devotion today. She referenced Sunday’s sermon and talked about how we should work to preserve our environment and county for future generations.

Since none of us finished our tasks yesterday, most of us returned to our same job sites to start off.

Shannon, Mariel and Carol finished the infirmary step by lunch and then moved to other tasks. Mariel and Shannon started working to replace the blinds in some of the cabins with curtains that someone made for the camp. Carol and Peggy worked on some landscaping.

Kitty, Anne and Max continued on the repairs and flooring in “Cabin ½”. There is also a “Cabin ¾”. These two cabins were built after all the others and come geographically before Cabin 1. Hence the numbers. Anyway, by the end of the day about half of the cabin flooring was down and some plumbing done.

Meanwhile at the barn, John, Dave and Del finished preparing for the concrete pour. After lunch the concrete truck arrived and they helped Rich, the camp director, and some of the staff and interns finish the concrete.

Another busy, and hot, day at camp.

Back To Work

Monday, August 27, 2018

Today was our first day back to work so we were up early to walk a couple of miles. The temperature was 73 so it was a nice walk. It’s been a while since we worked a three week project so we felt a little out of practice getting ourselves organized this morning.

Monday Morning Devotion TimeMorning devotion was at 8:00 by Dave. He had us thinking/talking about our life journey and how God brought us all to this place today for His purpose. After devotion and our prayer time, we all were assigned our jobs for the day. We both worked with Kitty on the one of the cabins. We are going to be installing laminate flooring and making other needed repairs at the cabin. We first removed the base trim and assess and repaired the damaged areas (water leaks) of the flooring. We got all that done and will be ready to start installing the laminate in the morning. As we were cleaning up at the end of the day Kitty went to the cabin next door to get a broom and found a lot water in the floor. It seems the toilet was over flowing. Max got the water turned off and we spent the next hour sweeping out the water and then vacuuming up the water. An unusual end of our day.

Other projects for our team include building a new set of steps for the infirmary. Shannon, Mariel and Carol are working on those and made good progress on that project today. The rest of the team, Dave, Dale, Peggy and John are working at the barn. They will be building a maintenance/tool room in one part of the barn. They worked on installing forms and placing the pea gravel today and tomorrow will be pouring the concrete. Concrete is to be delivered at 1:00 tomorrow. Lots accomplished today but much more to do. It’s going to be a good three weeks.

Camp Director giving us a tour of the tool shed
Camp Director giving us a tour of the tool shed

First Sunday in Oxford

Sunday, August 26, 2018

Today was another bright sunny day in Oxford.  We haven’t found a good place to do our fast walking at the camp yet.  Maybe after tomorrow when we tour the camp.  This morning we walked down the county road past our RV park.  We never saw a car.  Don’t like walking on the road but early on Sunday morning it was okay.  We will continue to try to find a better location.

The team went to the modern (contemporary) service at Oxford-University UMC this morning.  The church is located next to the campus of University of Mississippi.  It was a very good service – good music and message.  Would definitely return to this church.

On the way home we stopped to pick up a few groceries.  We had a light lunch and then washed all the bugs and butterflies off the front of FRED.  We seemed to have killed a lot yesterday.  We don’t feel like we are really set up until we get the front clean.

Opening Team MeetingOur first official team meeting was at 5:00 tonight and began with a nice supper provided by Carol and Dave our team leaders.  It was very good.  Thanks so much Dave and Carol.  Rich the Executive Director of Camp Lake Stephens met with us tonight to review our work plan.  It will definitely be a busy three weeks with lots of work to be done.  We will start tomorrow converting a portion of the barn into a tool storage area and working on one of the cabins.  This is going to be another good project.  Please pray for the team’s safety as we begin work tomorrow.  Hope you all had a great weekend.