Another NOMADS Friday

Thursday, December 19, 2019

Yea, It’s Friday!

I think the entire team is glad it’s NOMADS Friday. (Thursday for folks not fortunate enough to enjoy our four day work weeks.) It’s been a physically tiring week. It rained almost all day today and when it wasn’t raining it was misty and the wind was blowing 29-32 MPH. It would have been a good day to stay at home and sleep. We didn’t of course and Elaine led devotion for us and read a piece on the childhood of Jesus. Interesting to think about what Jesus was like when he was two or three or six, etc. He was fully human, yet fully God. He had to learn to walk and talk just like we all did. Thanks, Elaine!

Repair of a hole made to access some plumbing
Repair of a hole made to access some plumbing

After devotion and planning tonight’s dinner, Max, Kathy and Larry drove back to Sugarloaf Key to a new to us house. Bob’s house is almost completed and they went there to work the punch list. There was some touch up painting, installing trim, and cabinet parts, repairing “plumber’s” hole in drywall and caulking. They will have to return on Monday to continue working the list. The rest of the team went back to Dennis’s house and were joined by the team of college students who worked at the Sugarloaf Key house yesterday. The students joined in sanding drywall in the back bedroom and then in the living room. They seemed to be a good group and we enjoyed having them join us. While the students were sanding, our team textured the kitchen ceiling. Dennis made the final decision to texture the walls too so guess we will work on that next week.

We will loose Mary and Ron tomorrow as they drive back north to the mainland. We have really enjoyed seeing them again and wish them safe travels.

Team picture week of 12-16-19
The team went to Big Pine Rooster again for our Thursday night team dinner. We enjoyed the relaxing time to visit outside of work.

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