Sunny Florida? Not Today

Wednesday, December 18, 2019

Rainy morning
Rainy morning with water flowing through our sites

We had lots of rain overnight and into this morning. No getting to morning meeting with dry feet today. Mud puddles everywhere. It rained off and on throughout the day and then a cold front went through and our temperature dropped to 70. Our low tonight is 67 which is quite warm compared to the 26 degrees at home but the locals are complaining of it being too cold. Of course they are still wearing shorts.

Kathy and Larry led devotion this morning and Larry shared a little of his life story. He told of a glimpse of heaven he saw when he had a near death experience after a fall from a ladder a number of years ago. Thanks, Kathy and Larry for sharing with us today.

We all headed back to work at the same locations as yesterday. At Dennis’s Anne, Elaine, Mary and Ron worked primarily on the back bedroom drywall and hallway drywall. We also worked with Dennis on the walls in the living room and dinning room. Those walls are about ready for texture. Dennis has decided rather than flat walls he wants a knock down texture. IOCC signDown at Sugarloaf Key Max, Larry and Kathy had help from an International Orthodox Christian Charities mission team. Nine college aged students with their leaders came to paint the ceilings for us. There was also more caulking, touch up painting, finishing the transition strips and putting down edging strips. One more door sweep is needed and we will be complete on this house (until the scope of work changes).

Tomorrow we will have the college students at Dennis’s and go back to a house worked on by previous NOMADS. Should be a good day.

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