More Mud and Windows

Tuesday, December 17, 2019

Today was another very busy day for the team on Big Pine Key. First things first, Ron and Mary brought our devotion from a book written by one of their family members who among many other things was at one time a Methodist pastor. The book was entitled “Light Through Little Word Windows: Two Letter Words from the Bible.” Today’s word was “be.” We haven’t actually read any of the book but the thought is intriguing. When you think of it, there are a lot of little words in the Bible and if we read if carefully, paying real attention to the little words what might we receive? Perhaps we will pay more attention the little words in the scripture we read tomorrow.

For work, we all went back to the same work as yesterday. Max, Kathy and Larry back to Sugarloaf Key, where they installed the last window, caulked, cut off doors, installed quarter round and transitions.

Back on Big Pine, Anne, Mary, Ron and Elaine had fun texturing the ceiling in Dennis’s living room. That project went well and Dennis is very pleased. We decided to do a little touch up on the kitchen ceiling and will probably texture it tomorrow. There was also more sanding and mudding walls in the kitchen and living room and the hall and bedroom. Lots of hard work. Lots more to do.

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