On The Road Again!!!

And on the blog again…..

Wednesday, February 8, 2017

And on the blog again. We have had several people request that we restart the blog, so today with the start of another trip we will restart and see how it goes. Our purpose will be to share our travels and life with our family and friends. Remember you can leave comments/ask questions and we will respond. If we have a particularly “boring” day we may take that time to update you on some things we have done since we last blogged at the end of our Alaska trip in Sept of 2014. Wow – sounds like a long time ago but also seems like yesterday. Absolutely yes, we would love to go back but there are also many places in the lower 48 we still need to visit – lots of national parks/monuments/historical sites yet to be seen.

So, yesterday afternoon we pulled Fred to Aunt Helen’s and plugged in for the night. We spent the night there so we could pull out early today. However, when the alarm went off at 5:00 this morning we were under a dense fog advisory and it was very foggy and drizzling. We waited until 6:25 to leave allowing a little of the fog to clear and it get a little lighter.  Traffic was heavy getting to I-65 but no problems. Then onto I-22 all the way to Memphis. We stopped at the Mississippi Welcome Center and had breakfast and then we stopped at Sherman RV to visit and see about topping off with propane. No propane there so will probably top off Saturday before we get to Elmore City. If we have a full tank of propane we are much less likely to have really cold weather. From Memphis we took I-40 west.


We complain sometimes about our roads at home but man there were some rough interstates in MS, TN and AR. We stopped just west of Little Rock at Maumelle Park, a Corps of Engineers campground, about 4pm.


Maumelle Park was where we had planned to spend the week before our NOMADS annual meeting last September but we had to cancel those plans. It is a really nice park with really nice volunteers working registration. Beautiful setting, with large sites and nice spacing between. We would definitely stop here again. We plan to stay until early Saturday morning when we will move on to Elmore City, OK for our next NOMADS Project. It should be a nice little break before beginning our new work. We enjoyed a beautiful sunset and settled in for a quiet although very windy evening. A very nice day to start another year of travel and work.