Still in Two States

Thursday, September28, 2017

Anne: I am still in Tuscaloosa and right now don’t know when I will be returning to Hattiesburg. Mom is a little better. Her oxygen saturation has remained at 98% all day today, up from, 96% all day yesterday. She is still on oxygen at 3 liters/min so still not where she needs to be, but a little better. A good deal of the swelling/edema in her legs has resolved. That is much better. Because she is 93 and has a 93 year old heart and kidneys, the cardiologist is taking a cautious and slow approach to pulling the fluid off in order to avoid putting her into kidney failure. Yes, I am very thankful for his approach although is means more days in the hospital. Currently, we have been given no anticipated discharge date. She continues to received IV diuretics and won’t be discharged until she is transitioned to pills. She is discouraged/depressed by the slow pace of things. She is encouraged by the messages we have received from everyone praying for her and the family. I have told her about or read each one to her. Thank you so much!!! BTW her name is Ruby Richardson or as most friends and family call her Mama Ruby.

Max: Un-blogworthy day in Hattiesburg. The most productive thing I did today was clean many miles worth of bug splatters from the windshield and front cap. And prayed for Anne and her family.

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