Mississippi and (still) Alabama

Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Max: Gary and I met with Chris, our local coordinator from Recover, Rebuild, Restore Southeast Mississippi (R3SM), this morning to see the work sites planned for us next week. We saw two houses. The first is on Edwards Street and needs the bathroom and kitchen finished, the floor refinished and some drywall work. We may also finish up some outside trim work.




The second is on Roby Street and mostly needs some wall finishing and flooring.




These houses were heavily damaged by the January 21, 2017 EF3 tornado and the residents have been displaced since then. We hope to have both of these families back in their homes before the NOMADS leave in a few months.




Chris also gave us a tour of the R3SM building. It is an historic building that was once a hotel used by travelers from the railroad depot across the tracks. The organization has remodeled the building into agency offices and dormitory space for volunteer groups.




Anne: I am still in Tuscaloosa, AL at DCH hospital with my mom. I was at the hospital most of the day. Mom did not have a very good day. They changed her to an IV diuretic, and gave her a big dose of potassium because her potassium was low and they expected the new diuretic to make it drop even more. Something made her nauseated most of the morning. I suspect it was the large dose of potassium. Unfortunately, the new IV diuretic didn’t have much affect this morning and her shortness of breath worsened. Just getting up and going to the bathroom, which is about 6-7 feet from the bed, makes her short of breath. She did respond a little better to the afternoon dose of diuretic but still not what they would like. She is also on strict fluid restriction. That is hard for mom because she really likes her water. We are just trying to keep the water out of sight, so she has to ask for it. Out of sight, out of mind? Seemed to have worked today. But now I’m pretty sure I didn’t drink enough water today since I was keeping my water out of sight too. Silly me.

new shoesThe only other thing I did was go buy a pair of shoes. I forgot to change shoes before I left yesterday and ended up in Tuscaloosa with a ragged but very comfortable pair of tennis shoes as the only shoes I had with me. Since Mom noticed and made comment on me needing to get some new shoes I figured I better go shopping. However, buying shoes is usually a challenge for me. I wear a size 5 and I usually just order them because so few people carry size 5 in the stores. There is a DSW store within about 3 blocks of the hospital so I went there and just went down the aisle looking for anything size 5. I found 3 pair of 5 ½ and then found 1 size 5. Bought it. Not my favorite shoe but it fits and is comfortable. It will do for now. Mom was surprised and pleased when I returned with new shoes on me feet. Please continue to pray for mom and my entire family. These are hard times for us. Praying for a better tomorrow.

4 thoughts on “Mississippi and (still) Alabama”

  1. Good morning pastor Pam. That would be Ruby Richardson and we would appreciate you adding her name to Emmanuel’s prayer list. She seems a little better this morning. I pray it lasts throughout the day. Anne


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