Just Run

Sunday, June 17, 2018

The temperature wasn’t too bad today. High was in the upper 80’s . When we were going thru Birmingham about 3:00 it was 72 but it was also raining. By the time we got to Tuscaloosa it was 87 and no rain. We did get a little shower about the time the sun set but Tuscaloosa could really use some rain.

Pastor Barry's last Sundayas pastor of Lester MemorialWe were again blessed to be able to attend Lester Memorial UMC today. It was our pastor’s last Sunday with us. Barry has been at LMUMC for eight years and we will all miss him. So it was a little sad today.  But, he left us with a very uplifting message encouraging us to “Just run” based on 1 Corinthians 9:24-27. We are all in the race. It is a call to life with God and to be a witness of that life to others. Wherever God is calling you today, is good. So just run, with your eyes on the prize and tell of God’s goodness to all who will listen. Ask yourself, what can God do through you? Adding to the service today was the sending forth of 37 our our youth and adult leaders to Tennessee for Appalachian Service Project. So awesome to see our young people learning to live in mission at a young age. Our Philippines mission team returned home last Tuesday, our Honduras team were returning home this afternoon and the ASP team left after worship today. Such a blessing to be in a church that is truly at work outside the doors of the church.

After church we visited with Helen and Jean again. Today they were playing some 60’s and 70’s music in the dining room and the residents were really enjoying it. Songs such as “YMCA”, “Rocking Robin” and others of that genre. One lady was up dancing with some of the staff and others were clapping and smiling and singing. Helen and Jean really seemed to be enjoying lunch today. Of course the Boston Cream Pie for dessert didn’t hurt their mood either.

After having lunch ourselves, we packed and returned to Tuscaloosa, driving through several thunderstorms on the way. This afternoon we worked to empty some of the furniture we intend to store in the warehouse until we get the house sold. We found some old VHS tapes that we decided to watch. Sweet memories with Mama Ruby and Daddy Dwight. So blessed to have had such good parents. It will be a busy and stressful, week so please remember us in your prayers.

This and That

Saturday, June 16, 2018

It was another hot day. Again afternoon thunderstorms were all around but we just got a sprinkle on the mountain. Don’t know what they got in Tuscaloosa today.

You could feel the humidity again when we first left the motor home. We did a little more work at Wood Manor and then packed for the sticks and bricks. We went straight to Oneonta to visit with Jean and Helen. They both seemed to be doing well this morning and certainly seemed content. Thankfully today they also seemed happy with each other. After a nice visit we did some shopping and then returned to the house. MowingEverything was fine there. After unloading (we brought some things back to the house to leave), eating some leftovers for lunch and a rest break, Max cut the grass and Anne blew the leaves out of the garage and driveway. That was about it for the day. Hope everyone is having a good weekend and don’t forget to pray for the worship services tomorrow.

A Hot One!

Friday, June 15, 2018

Heat index of 101 today. Sunny most of the day and it was hot and humid early this morning. We thought we were getting an afternoon thunderstorm to cool things off but it went just north of us. We got a sprinkle. Sure hope we don’t have to start watering Mom’s lawn this early. It is looking really good and we want that for marketing reasons but … maybe we will get rain tomorrow.

First day in a while we did not have to be up and out at any specific time. We both slept in. It was great. Then a nice breakfast and back to work. Lots of paperwork for the aunts today. We will eventually get things so they are easier to manage but we are still in the change of addresses and changing accounts and all that stuff. Then there is the estate stuff.  Making progress but, wow, is there a lot to do. We may need to cancel a project to get more done. We will see what progress we are making over the next week. Jim is suppose to be here starting Monday. Hopefully we will accomplish a lot.

Max grilled us another wonderful lunch and we walked to Cookout this evening for milkshakes. It was a good day.

Greeters at Cook Out
Greeters at Cook Out

All Work and No Play

Thursday, June 14, 2018

Weather – same as the previous days. Cloudy, threatening rain at times. No rain here at Mama Ruby’s.

Started the day with productive meeting regarding a lot of Mama Ruby’s business. Hopefully, things will work out because if they do we could really make some progress. Praying for guidance, wisdom and God’s will be done. The next 2 weeks are going to be very busy. We worked all day but took a break to go to a local Chinese restaurant and market that is about 6 blocks away. If it weren’t for the traffic and lack of sidewalks in the area we could walk but sadly we must drive. The food is always good and we always have leftovers and today was no exception.

I don't think so
This is not what we ordered!

While we were out we made a visit to Lowe’s as we are still contemplating a new small compound miter saw. Did not yet make the purchase. On the way back to the house we stopped by Academy Sports and picked up some shirts that were on sale. Then it was back to work. And at 9:15 we are still at it. Hopefully some things will come together and we will be able to play again soon.