Start Of Our Last Week In Michigan

Monday, October 07, 1019

Gorgeous fall day in Sebewaing! No working in the rain today. It was great. We of course started the day with devotion which today was led by Suzanne who used John 2:1-11. She talked about the extraordinary things Jesus did and then reminded us that each of us is extraordinary. The love of Jesus makes each one of us extraordinary.

After devotion we talked about all that has been accomplished thus far and what we want to try to get done this week and then headed back to work. Max, with Tom and Mike went back to work on hanging the drywall. At the end of the day they have 2 sheets remaining. They had to wait for the electrical to be completed before hanging the last pieces. The plumbing rough-in is complete, tested and there were NO leaks. Don’t know if we are doing the final plumbing. Anne and Jenny went to work on doing the second coat of mudding on the bedroom and got that completed. Jackie and Hillary were also working on mudding in the living room and kitchen until Hillary started priming the loft area. Anne and Jenny joined Jackie and we think at the end of the day we had all but one outside corner with either one or two coats of mud. We are making good progress. The camp is very pleased. They were afraid we would not have time to get the drywall completed and none of them were looking forward to mudding and taping and sanding. Continuing to pray that we remain safe and accomplish what God wants us to do.

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