Rain, Again – Enough Rain!

Wednesday, October 2, 2019

It rained all night and it continued to rain today. We remain under a lakeshore flood advisory and the water in the bay was visibly rising toward the back road of the camp. It was strange to see water rising in such a huge body of water. Along with the rain and all the run off into the rivers which drain into the bay, the wind was blowing across the bay and pushing the water toward shore and “plugging” the water at the mouth of the rivers. Winds which are still quite high have now changed to northerly and the water is receding. Totally different weather than we have in Alabama – and its 93 in Alabama and 53 here. Definitely seems summer is over in upper Michigan.

Reid led devotion time today. It was of course back inside due to rain. He talked using Galatians 5:13-14 as his basis to discuss servanthood and love for others, reminding us God calls us to put others first, not “me first”.

We then all headed back to the cottage to work. Since the weather was bad, most of us were working inside most of the day. It was a little crowded. The cottage is roughly 550 sq ft and when all ten of us are in there working it gets pretty crowded. Today Hillary and Jackie, our insulation queens, completed the very last of the insulation and joined Anne and Jenny with finishing the drywall. Jackie also worked outside part of the day, with Bruce, who spent almost all day working out in the rain. He made great progress on the side of the cottage. It’s looking good. First coat of mud was completed in the bedroom. Max, Tom, and Mike hung drywall in the living room so all that is left is the kitchen area and bathroom. The blue board was delivered for the bathroom today. Reid continued to work on plumbing. It’s really beginning to look like a house.

No playing ping pong today. There are a group of quilters using the building that houses the table so we walked today. Suspect we will have to run the heat pumps tonight. Hope Alabama gets a break from the heat soon.

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