End Of Week Two and Moonlight Madness

Thursday, October 3, 2019

Trains and rain overnight last night. What is usually a single train was multiples last night with what sounded like multiple track switches. We usually aren’t really bothered by the trains but last night they were going back and forth for way too long. It was the first topic of conversation at morning devotion. The second was the continuing rain. The forecast indicates today was our last rainy day and we will be glad to see some sun. Tonight we are getting lots of wind.

The cross Bruce and Jackie gave usBruce and Jackie led devotion this morning with Bruce talking to us about patience and his lack of patience. He shared several scriptures on the subject and the group discussed how we don’t want to pray for patience because God just might let us learn some patience in a not so fun way. Bruce and Jackie also gave each of us a really nice cross necklace that Bruce made. The nails that make the cross are race horse horseshoe nails. The black represents sin, the red the blood of Jesus and the white, salvation. Thanks, Bruce and Jackie.

Back to work, Anne went back to taping and mudding drywall. Max and Tom and Mike completed installing all the drywall they can do until the bathroom plumbing is completed. Reid continued to work on that plumbing today. Bruce, Hillary, Jackie and Jenny all began the day working in the cold mist installing the siding. They made great progress – finishing all but the top row on the south side and starting the two remaining sides. The drywall in the bedroom was not dry today. It’s just been too humid, so Dave, the maintenance manager, brought a fan and then later a couple of heaters for the cottage. That seemed to help and by this afternoon at least a portion of the bedroom could be sanded by Suzanne. Jackie also worked on finishing drywall this afternoon. We have all worked very hard this week and are looking forward to getting some rest this weekend.

Moonlight Madness signTonight, Tom and Jenny walked into town with us. It is “Moonlight Madness” in downtown Sebewaing. They closed some of the streets and had various activities. There were inflatables for the kids. Music in the park. Several food vendors and craft vendors. There were also specials/sales at the downtown businesses. The Rotary gave away bean soup which was very good. There was popcorn and apple cider at the library. We all, of course, had ice cream from the antique store. Tried the root beer float tonight and it very good. We also ran into Hillary, Mike, Jackie and Bruce while strolling downtown. We were interested in seeing the fires on the river and waited until they lit the floating fire rings before we called it a night. As we were leaving we had a really nice sunset and stopped on the board walk to get some pictures before returning home . It was another good day.

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