Pumpkin Planting Day

Wednesday June 15, 2022

Yes, apparently June 15th is Pumpkin Planting Day – but not for us.  Keep reading.

Last week, we were back in Alabama, taking care of estate items, and other business.  It was a busy week and we still haven’t had an estate sale.  We are making progress but sometimes it seems very slow.  Monday, we spent on laundry and packing, etc., and yesterday morning pointed Fred north fruitlessly looking for some cooler temperatures.  (Actually we headed north for our annual Constructors for Christ project.)  We stopped at Christian Way Farm and Mini Golf for the night – a Harvest Hosts site.  This was a wonderful choice!  We met two of the nicest people, Janie and Milt who own this beautiful farm.  Their largest event each year is the Pumpkin Patch.  They raise over 10,000 pumpkins each year and have many more visitors than that. This is in a small rural area of KY. They also have precious goats, cows and other farm animals.  They do school tours, educating the kids on where their food comes from etc.  What makes this place so very special though is that they share the gospel with all their visitors in such a special way, with a pumpkin seed.  We suspect that for some it may be only time they hear about the love of Jesus.  Special, special place.  If you are ever in the area of Hopkinsville, KY, it’s well worth the drive off your route for a visit.

We will begin working in Bremen, KY this beginning this weekend.  We will be building a church with Constructors for Christ and are really looking forward to seeing people we haven’t seen since last year.  As with NOMADS, we have made some special friends in Constructors.  We were hoping for cooler temperatures but the forecast looks only hotter, 95-100 degrees every day.  Please remember our Constructor friends in your prayers, that we all work smart and stay hydrated, while serving the people of Bethlehem Baptist Church.

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