Constructors for Christ 2022 – Bremen, KY

Sunday, June26, 2022

Since our fun night at Christian Way Farm and Mini Golf, we have been camping at Horseshoe Acres RV Park in Bremen, KY.  After getting Fred situated on the site, we headed to the job site for our build.  We were disappointed to find that the rough plumbing and slab were not completed.  As we have seen previously, where there are disasters, the craftsmen have more work than they can handle and sometimes you just have to wait.  Interesting, the sermon Sunday was on building on a firm foundation, on the rock and not the sand.  The new church must be built on a firm foundation so, we had to be patient and wait.  The plumbers competed their rough-in work on Monday, and the concrete was poured Wednesday.  While waiting, other work was done.  Debra and Anne clean out and reorganized one of the tool trailers.  Headers and tees were also built so the walls will go faster for the team next week.  Thursday and Friday most of the wall baseplates were installed while we waited for the concrete to cure.  Of course, Constructors for Christ is so much more than just building a church.  We renewed old friendships – this is our eighth year to build with Constructors.  It was great to share meals and catch up.  Unfortunately, some team members tested positive for COVID earlier in the week.  We had hoped to visit with some NOMADS friends in the area this weekend but we both tested positive Saturday.  For now we plan to isolate here at Horseshoe Acres and figure out what we do next when we are feeling better.

3 thoughts on “Constructors for Christ 2022 – Bremen, KY”

  1. I really enjoyed reading your day by day progress report for our project this year. This has been an unusual year, to say the least. As of now there are 15 that have tested positive, including the two of you. The first two did not test positive until Friday morning. I hope I can transfer some of your photos into my gallery to include them in my album for this year‘s project. Thank you for your post.


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