Another Week in Laurel

Tuesday, June 7, 2022

Hope everyone is enjoying these first days of summer.  It’s gotten pretty hot here in the south.  After our last post when we were back in Alabama, we talked with our friends in Laurel, MS and decided to return to Laurel on Memorial Day.  We spent last week working to remodel the area above the Bread of Life Food Pantry.  A new missionary family that has been ministering in Nepal and recently returned to the states will be joining Hope and Grant in ministry at the Glory House Global Outreach Center.  The Glory House simply brings the goodness of God to those in its reach with things like ESL classes, community meals, community service projects, classes for better living, and blessing others.  They work with children, youth, and adults, poor, and elderly.  It was great to get to work with Robbie again as we trimmed out all the windows and installed doors and ripped and installed 1×2’s at the top of the walls.  It was also great to spend time with Hope and Grant again.  We are touched by their ministry in Laurel.  They just love on everyone they meet and share the love of Jesus.  Thursday evening the new missionaries prepared an Indian meal, similar to what they would have eaten in Nepal and shared it with Grant, Hope and us.  It was so very good!  We ended up with the six of us visiting and getting to know each other until about 11:00pm – way past our bedtime – but so much fun.  Friday night we had dinner with Grant and Hope and Robbie and his wife (it was great to meet her), sharing another wonderful meal and then saying our goodbyes – for a while.  We do hope to return to Laurel.  There is much work to be done there.

Saturday morning we headed back to Alabama.  We wanted to be back in time to be at our church Sunday morning.  There is still estate work, accounting, NOMADS work and doctor’s appointments to keep us busy.  The estate sale has been postponed a week by the people preparing everything because there is just “so much stuff”.  We are not surprised.  We tried to warn them that there were a lot of very full closets and cabinets in Aunt Helen’s house.  We plan to stay here for about another week and then hopefully will be making our way to our next adventure.  Until next time…be sure to keep on serving others.  Try to make at least one person’s day a little better each day.

One thought on “Another Week in Laurel”

  1. We were in Laurel when the tornado went through. We were on way back from visit to family in SW Louisiana. Laurel is midway point. We heard the warnings, then a felt vibration in motel room then heard it pass overhead.
    And to think I been a wee bit nervous living in Cullman.

    We miss all of our NOMADS friends.


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